Differences between Taiwanese Culture and Chinese Culture

Taiwan is politically Taiwanese, but mostly culturally Min Chinese. The culture here is not that different from Zhangzhou or Xiamen or Xuzhou. Obviously the whole experience of the last 100 years is different and the modern culture is different.

There is no contradiction between Taiwan being culturally Chinese and politically Taiwanese, even though people on both sides of the straits often think there is.

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“Chinese culture” itself is a nebulous term, but still think Taiwan falls under a rough Chinese culture umbrella, and few would really disagree, unless they have a very strong political bent.


This is classic Chinese sociology. It breaks down the differences in Guanxi networks in Taiwan and China. Basically the cultural revolution means that relationships are much more important there than tradititionally and there is a much more ruthless and practical element to them.

By culture? of course you can…

I forgot to mention that Taiwanese have a lot of Japanese traits. From food, personal discipline, architectural style in older homes, Taoist and Buddhist beliefs, and interpersonal relationships. Plus there’s the sense of civil duty which is pretty uniquely Taiwanese. I’ve never seen anything remotely close to it in places like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, or Beijing.


Ehm, neither of these is Japanese.

one similarity:
love to invest in real estate

a couple differences:
Taiwan culture has a tradition of doing the pirate things, from Gohsinga to smugglings.

Taiwanese tend to expand horizontally, commerce, relationship, culture exchange, …

Vertical passing down (that is generation to next generation) is a norm in China. For example, you get your friends from your father’s relatives and friends. Seniors are the major source of knowledge.

Both are embraced within Japan. Particularly Buddhism but also Tao Te Xing. You are also neglecting the fact that the Japanese were expelled from China for developing their own martial arts to defend themselves from the Han Chinese. The Han Chinese along with the Han Korean are also said to originate from the Mongols. Todays Chinese culture is vastly different to traditional Mongol culture.

But they both came to Taiwan from China. How is Japan relevant in the equation?

Not sure what this is…

Dont tell Japanese that lol.


Chinese came from Africa, so there’s that.

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I think they can handle it.

suicide rates might contend with that sentiment of being able to handle reality :hugs:

I found a lot of japanese we have lived with or do dealings with are quite against that “theory”. many often think they are barely even Asian, or at least above it Haha. Like telling a racist christian jesus was probably brown. fun to watch.

I kind of doubt there are many Japanese who have suicided after learning they weren’t the ones who brought Buddhism and Taoism to Taiwan, but I could be wrong.

me too. I said reality, in general.

You might not find many Japanese openly chatting about them being from china though :wink:

awe fuck. sorry. my page just reloaded properly. didn’t read you were talking about religion, thought you were talking about the people. my bad. carry on…



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Not really.

Anyway, to answer the larger question which you ask, taiwan is vastly different than china. There has been a long separation and the gap only widens with each generation.

I saw a Taiwanese youtuber recently called ‘Gin Tonic’. She is a taiwanese who grew up in shanghai, and her opinion on taiwan after returning is very snobbish. Her videos really show the difference in values. She feels like Taipei is a back water village compared to shanghai because it isn’t 100% made up of modern shopping malls…

The point is, even though taipei has a ton of shopping malls, it also has a lot of old places, honest places, traditional things etc. Restaurants etc that have remained the same for years because people appreciate them and find those things charming.

Mainlanders just don’t get it, this sort of thing. They think razing an entire city of its history and charm and replacing it entirely with new shopping malls and skyscrapers is something to brag about.

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Most of the differences are due to Taiwan’s being closer to pre-cultural revolution China, some of it is due to Japanese influence. Not much of the differences stem from being un-Chinese.

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Everybody did.

yep, exactly. so it’s really about where to draw lines.

Tao Te Xing is considered the father of the Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucianism beliefs. Sort of like how Catholics think they’re the oldest version of Christianity and all the rest were borne from Catholicism. Except with Tao it places people with the responsibility for creating these belief systems. Tao, Buddha, and Confucias were all living people with records existing about them. Before Tao there were the Northern Asian religions which included different gods as well as heavens and hells. Think the magical peach tree garden with peaches that would let you live 10,000 years.