Differences between Taiwanese Culture and Chinese Culture

Like I mentioned before, there isn’t a singular “Chinese cultural identity”. Some born and raised during the Japanese era would fantasize about returning to Chinese rule, however, most of them were quickly disillusioned when they saw just how different their own cultural identity is to those newly arrived.

That pretty much set up the environment leading up to the 228 incident and the subsequent massacres.

After that, I think you should take what’s on the “records” with a pinch of salt because it’d be like trying to guess what average Chinese actually think in China today.

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Yeah agree with that

You just edited your post after I said I agreed with it.

“Pinch of salt” is not really hope academia works, usually a lot of different accounts are used to plot history. Of course they will be subjective

What Taiwanese mean when they say they are Chinese is not the same as what the Chinese mean when they say they are Chinese.

The mainstream or majority identity is actually an apolitical ethnic Taiwanese. It is the same in the 80s and it’s the same identity today, and it’s the same one before 1949. l don’t have a better way to describe it but I guess you have to just take my word for it. It is the same thing, plus and minus some additions and variations.

The labels and the definition of the labels change overtime. They change usually to serve PC or “inclusivity purposes.



I know what you mean.

I feel like she represents young Chinese pretty well. Plenty share her opinions (such as Taipei is like a backwater village, that doesn’t compare to modern Chinese cities - imo its the Chinese ones are backwards). That makes sense though, and goes a way to explaining why she seems like such a POS.

She represents people I have met, which is wealthy second generation taishang who for mad rich in China and look down on other Taiwanese