Different policies for "mixed-race" children?

Remember that the ROC Bureau of Immigration actually thinks we’re totally messing up the gene pool in Taiwan.
Forget Aryan blue eyes as Chinese black hair and small noses are a genetic curse.

Oh yeah?

My youngest daughter’s hair has the same brownish color as mine - even though her mother is a pure(in)bred Hakka. As a matter of fact, only her eyes look vaguely Asian. My oldest daughter’s nose is bigger than most Chinese I know of.

American Indians did radicalize. These days school textbooks don’t like to talk about scalpings etc., but it happened. Say what you like, but the fact is that today, thanks to what our ancestors did, the Indians are no longer a problem, and we get to live on what would have been their land. Blacks and Mexicans, however, are a problem. If we don’t act now, they will displace our population just as we did the Indians.

What do I have against Jews etc.? Sure, their behavior is similar to every other groups–but they happen to belong to a group that competes against mine. It is in my interest, and the interest of all whites, to keep the Jews and Asians from dominating our country. Sure, the “economy” will improve–but will I keep my job, or will it go to Bangalore while the Jew gets rich? That’s why I say we have to worry about the future of our children.

Sun Yat-sen fought for the Chinese revolution while in Hawaii. Why can’t whites do the same? I think the overseas white Americans are less brainwashed into political correctness than the ones back home. We see racial differences every day. We know what happens when these other groups become the majority. Or do you want your children to become like them, and even intebreed with them? Because that’s certainly what the people who control your television back home want.

What revolution do you want to fight for? What is your agenda?

Vincent, I hope that last post was just a troll, otherwise you are truly an odious excuse for a man. Why don’t you go hang out with like-minded people and join the KKK or the Aryan Brotherhood? Or are you already a member?

Vincent is sounding like he has a really big chip on his shoulder.

Mongrolization is not something I’d personally object to, but the Chinese chauvanism one should have experienced in Taiwan is enough to make one pause. This is what it feels like to be a minority and is something the majority never can relate to in the US. Getting too much of it jades me when I see their outright lies and the two-faced racial hypocrisy in Taiwan and Washington. It becomes the straw that broke the camel’s back.

While I certainly do deeply adore the Chinese, the inbred prejudices of too many are flat out repugnant. When I do take a cheap shot at the Ugly Chinese, it is cultural ugliness and a slap at their face (mianzi) for which I am aiming to hit.
There are so many Taiwanese supporters based in the US whom are very empathetic and then there is a smug self-appointed “establishment” of inept leaders :x Makes me sick. :!:

Settle down, Hartzell, at this point “revolution” is only a figure of speech. What we need primarily is education, a new way of thinking and activism. My “agenda” is the same as Sun Yat-sen’s–democracy and nationalism. (They must go together, otherwise elections involving more than one identity group degenerate into a census.)

SYS freed Chinese from the Manchu yoke, I want to see my people free of the multiculturalist yoke. Why is it so terrible to want to see my people and way of life preserved? Jews, blacks, Mexicans, and Chinese all look out for their group interests, and nobody bats an eye. But when whites do it, suddenly people think that’s the worst possible evil in the world.

All these liberal values–do you think they would have thrived among any other ethnic group other than ours? Would the Chinese open their society to foreigners the way we do to theirs? (Oh right–you already know the answer to that one.) If not, then their descendents will displace ours. The stakes are as high as they could possibly be.

some people do bat an eye here. However, I have not meet that much overt racism here in TW. Actually I think being of middle eastern descent in Europe is a great deal worse then being a white kindi teacher here :laughing:

SYS freed Chinese from the Manchu yoke, I want to see my people free of the multiculturalist yoke. Why is it so terrible to want to see my people and way of life preserved? [/quote]

God I hope you don’t consider me one of ‘your’ people.

[quote=“Vincent”]My “agenda” is the same as Sun Yat-sen’s–democracy and nationalism.

I want to see my people free of the multiculturalist yoke. [/quote]

But is the “nationalism” of America not based on moving on to a better place and better things? How are the new immigrants and minorities any different from the European immigrants of two hundred years ago? And what in heavens name do you propose that “we” do with the minorites? And isn’t the word for which you’re searching “racism” rather than “nationalism”?

A legitimate point is being made with regard to Taiwanese bigotry, however. If I pay taxes, the expectation is that my government will be working as much for me as for anyone who pays taxes. Tough question, but I don’t think that the marginalisation of any culture is the answer. That also applies to the more insular cultures indicated in previous postings.

Vincent wrote:

Chinese marginalization of the marginalized minorities is why some are put out to begin with. And it seems that you’re so brazenly beating that drum of being the self-appointed protector of Chinese as a weirdly self-styled Sun Yat-sen.

mjnemesis, nobody wants to be a “minority,” especially not in their own country (as will happen to white Americans soon). Most people of all different races want to live with their own people, in their own culture–or at least have it survive somewhere so they have a home to go back to someday. And they want their homeland to be controlled by people like them, whose interests are reasonably consistent with their own.

Segregation into ethnically homogenous territories is the logical way to accomplish this. This wouldn’t mean no minorities and no contact, only that each state would have a clearly recognized national group. Nor would it necessarily have to be violent, unless the various sides simply could not come to an agreement. But the alternative is living together in a state of perpetual inter-ethnic struggle. Elections in multinational states become mere censuses, where the Democrats win if the black and Mexican population is high enough, and the Republicans otherwise.

I realize many American whites don’t want to live in an ethnically homogenous country. This is understandable. I myself enjoy Chinese and Thai culture. Perhaps the solution would be to devolve much more autonomy to individual states of the U.S. Southern California could remain multicultural, while some other states were set aside for whites, and others for other races. Remember that everything we enjoy about other cultures is also in danger of disappearing under globalization. Thailand gets worse every year. Segregation benefits us all. But the only benefit from blending all our populations together is economic, and even that only accrues to a select few.

Oh yes, a terminological point. Americans often use the word “nationality” to mean citizenship. In fact its proper usage is closer to “ethnic identity.” Sometimes this is based on race, but it could just as easily be based on language, religion, or some combination of factors. In America, for example, we mostly identify with race, but then what are Hispanics? A race (mestizo) or linguistic category (inclusive of Spaniards)? When pressed, we don’t really know.

Yeah! Just like the Warsaw ghetto or maybe apartheid in South Africa.

Those Nazis had the right idea all along, didn’t they Vincent.

Vincent, as much as I would like to withdraw from this entire discussion, I am also very curious. What are “your” interests? How do they differ from mine and the next person’s? How are they so different from my Chinese husband’s? Or from my Jewish/Muslim friends in the States? We all want to make a living doing something we are good at, or enjoy. We all want to provide the best we can for our families. We all want a good education, not just for our children, but for all children. We all dream of a world free of war, hunger, poverty, hate.

I read one of your previous posts where you mention that you’d like to start a religious organization. Would this be a Christian group?

The last couple of days I’ve spent a lot of time on the MRT/buses and whever I spot a white male, I wonder if it could be “Vincent from Segue.”


Segregation into ethnically homogenous territories is the logical way to accomplish this. - Vincent

If this is so why are you here? Oh yes, we forgot, your a bankrupt medical school failure. Off to the army with you…enjoy the war.

Vincent must be a troll. Deliberately provoking us. Anyone with hald a brain knows that there are lost of people posting here with Taiwanese spouses - and bi-cultural children (wonder what he’ll do to those mongrels).

Let’s ignore him. Even better, let’s get some money together and send him back to the US. I’ll happily donate NT$1.

Holger –
You’re right he must be a troll, but lets send him somewhere else, because if he runs into my oldest daughter(bi-cultural) she would knock the shit out of him.
On second thought here is my NT$ 1. :smiling_imp:

Who exactly are you referring to here, JGeer? Myself, Holger Nygaard, Vincent or someone else? Could you please explain your meaning? Thanks.

When my bi-cultural daughter gets older, I’ll make sure she learns some exotic martial arts. Then I’ll send her after vincent. :wink: :wink:

Vincent, my NT$1 contribution to your plane ticket can be had any time you want to.

The salient facts of the Warsaw ghetto and the South African bantustans were that their residents had little choice but to be there. I am not advocating forcing anybody into any particular place, only restricting some people from particular places. Notice that this is exactly what national borders and passports are designed to do. We can’t and shouldn’t all live where we want to, but we can try to provide for genuine freedom of choice.

Not only whites but also other races are likely to prefer separation, since equality will forever elude them otherwise. How many times have blacks complained of discrimination, police brutality, etc.? Fine, let them have their own country, where they can provide for themselves and run things however they want.

In fact most people prefer to live among other people like themselves (ghettoes mostly arise voluntarily), but globalization is making this difficult. Tibetans face “demographic swamping” by Chinese settlers. American whites are in the same situation with respect to other races, but receive much less sympathy. Meanwhile the governments of these two countries don’t much care what the Tibetans/whites think, they just send in more and more of the same, and try to brainwash everybody into thinking that multiculturalism is just great and dandy–the next step in social evolution, rather than the destruction of a way of life. Long Live the Great Chinese Motherland / the New World Order.

What’s the problem with other races? Well to begin with, the different races are not all alike. Blacks for example commit violent crime at a higher rate than any of the other races. Or to look at it another way, whites are more independent-minded and thus avoid sharing their wealth wherever they can. But even if all our identity groups were equally gifted–like the French- and German-speakers in Switzerland–our interests would still conflict.

If I want to enter the diamond trade above the retail level, I cannot, because the Jews who control it prefer to deal with each other. (This is a statement of fact, not speculation. Go check.) The more the economy is controlled by people from other identity groups, the less opportunities I have. I will have fewer resources, fewer children, and ultimately find myself biologically marginalized. That’s why I want to see my people in control.

My religious beliefs echo my racial beliefs. From blood and soil come light and salvation. It may help to think of religions like Judaism or Hinduism, which are closely connected with a specific people. I believe that in order for our souls to achieve wholeness, whites should return to their own roots in pre-Christian, shamanic Europe, but that we need to do so by way of Christianity, since that is how this tradition is mediated for us. Ideally, our race and cultural tradition should be our religion. What is good for my people is good, period.

You will probably accuse me of wanting only blond and blue-eyed people like myself, but actually I fully recognize our spiritual communion with countries like Spain (note: different from “Hispanic” mestizo cultures), Russia, or Greece. The Vikings operated from the New World to Byzantium and the Volga, and I think that is an excellent model for us.

I admit the appeal of the internationalist vision of certain groups. As I said, I love different cultures. However, I think mixing them together will destroy the very things that make us special. I realize some of you are mixed-race or have mixed-race children, so this is a sensitive issue. The truth is, there are sound biological reasons why most of us stick with our own race when choosing a mate. Each of us has specially advantageous genetic characteristics, which may become manifest in our offspring if we mate with someone who shares them. This is much less likely to occur when the parents are from entirely different breeding populations, adapted to entirely different conditions. The tendency is therefore toward mediocrity. (Some of you may think of the concept of “hybrid vigor,” but this only applies in plants.)

And of course this plays havoc with the cultural inheritance of the family, which is now neither fish nor fowl. I suspect that many people who intermarry later wish they had chosen a spouse from their own race.

I left medical school due to problems with alcohol. In part this is due to visions that I experience from time to time, but I take full responsibility for my failures.