Different policies for "mixed-race" children?

Spot the nutcase. I hate all the PC crap we have to deal with these days, but 'king hell Vincent, get a grip.

Go Check your facts, today most of the diamonds ( small, k-mart kind ) is controlled by Indians who are not Jews and they do intract very well with Jews.
To get into diamonds trade you need money and a good and solid background w.r.t your whole family not only you.
The reason is this trade like any age trade is based on trust not wall st. contracts.
Tommorrow you will say you want to get into the noddle biz. and chinese are stopping you.
Grow up, and remember most of the tradeing places they don’t like to even think word “bankrupt” they don’t take guys who go back on there words, plus by saying [quote]but I take full responsibility for my failures[/quote] does not warrent a lot of respect, you problem are your problems so wash your dirty hands in public…

Your reference to the “governments of these two countries” seems a bit odd here. Which governments are you exactly talking about? Looks like you’re mixing up two different situations. Tibet has been annexed by a country that is trying to wipe out local ethnicity and local culture. Doesn’t look like Tibetans have much choice or means to prevent this because a foreign government is imposing this on them. The US, on the other hand, have been a place where immigrants have come to ever since the Europeans set foot there, some by force (don’t let’s forget where many of those blacks that you want to send to their own country have come from), some by invitation (wasn’t there something about Chinese building railways all over the country?) and others because the US seemed a friendly haven with lots of space to share. I don’t believe there is something like a native white American culture, it’s a mixture of the cultures of all those European immigrants, always influenced by the culture of all the other immigrants in the US and possibly some traits of the culture of the native Americans that have almost been wiped out by these immigrants.

Thus, you can’t be talking about the Tibetan government as it doesn’t exactly welcome the Chinese to Tibet. You can’t really be talking about the government of the US as it is neither comparable with that of Tibet (I don’t believe the US are threatened by a stronger single country to be extinguished) nor with the one of the PRC (or is that the two you are talking about?). No, don’t make the effort, I think many of the posters here are already shocked enough by your racist posts.

I’m not sure about statistics, but isn’t there a relation between poverty and crime? And isn’t it a fact that there is more poverty among blacks in America than among whites? What do you count Jews as, anyway? Blacks? Whites? I think many of those influential Jews that you mention here can be counted as Whites, can’t they? Where does that wealth you’re refering to come from? Do you want me to believe that it is a good thing to hoard your money and not share it with those in need? And that those who are in need always are on their own account? Please!

Isn’t that what happened to Native Americans? What about their culture? And their right to live in America and exercise their own culture?

So you’re voting for the lifestyle that you criticize in Jews? How do you think life on earth would work if it were populated by separate, non-interacting groups? And where would people go to escape their student loan?

Why does this only apply in plants? If I remember my biology class right, in-breeding is the way that ultimately leads to mediocrity as fawlty genes get multiplied instead of being erased by healthy input through genes from outside. And I don’t think this only applies in plants, it also applies to animals and humans as well. In Germany, there is a rule that close relatives are not supposed to marry as this increases the probability of genetic disorders. Why do think this is?

What’s your background? Where did your ancestors in America come from? What exactly do you consider your “white” culture? Are you sure your culture is as “pure” as you mean it to be? How can you live in Asia, eat Asian food, enjoy cultural relics, friendships with locals and deny this to become part of your culture? I mean, it probably is part of your personal culture already, anyway (or you’re one of those expats that live in their own world without ever enjoying anything local). Or do you mean to just go back to the states after having found a solution to your money problem and just ignore everything you liked here? This doesn’t seem to make sense to me.


Iris, do you really believe you have any chance of convincing a troglodyte like Vincent? As for the rest of us, you’re preaching to the choir.

Vincent’s posts do not deserve to be dignified with an answer. Tell him to go post his shite in hell :imp:

Now Maoman,there is more sense in your short paragraph, than the whole of Vincent’s ranting. Let’s just all just ignore him and deprive him of his propaganda.

I can even contribute NT$2 to send Vincent away to start his religion, hmmmm Georgetown or Jonestown, Guyana sounds like an appropriate place.

Sorry, I clarified and edited my earlier posting with a direct quote from Vicent on Sun Yat-sen. Trying to make some sense of his comments but his demographic balkanization theory has some academic merits supported by some sociologists. However, I don’t agree with his proposed use of the “state’s rights” as being a revived method of segration. That is a near return to an American constitutional device for the perpetuation of slavery.

:smiley: I’d say Vincent is DSS counterterrorism undercover agent probing the American expat community for those with an illogical predisposition for rabid anti-communist violence and terrorism in support of Taiwan independence. Note the domestic terrorist profile of conspiring privateers of the US militia movement with very bizarre religious preachings laced with racial undertones and exporting the faith. :unamused:

:laughing: Snap out of it “Special Agent Vincent”, you’re starting to sound like some of those distinguished but paranoid staffers composing a minority of folks at the Dept of State. You’ve been listening to their warped conspiracy theories of Neo-McCarthists lurking on every US Congressional committee…I’m not even joking either as the newspapers have some bizarre accounts of what is actually lurking in US Embassies abroad. If it is not Bin Laden, then its the ghost of Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn!! For kicks, I used to “terrorize” these One China commissars lurking on the Taiwan lobby email servers with outlandish messages like “Roy Cohn Lives!!” Just pushing buttons of the policy morons during the Clinton years. :stuck_out_tongue: