Different Schools

Having a job lined up with an English School, I plan to move to Taipei come mid-january. In the course of planning for my move I have read general (non-school specific) accounts on the treatment of teachers at English schools; these evaluations have been based on pay, hours available, atmosphere, etc. I would like to know approximately where my school falls within these criteria. That being said, it would be greatly appreciated if anyone who is familiar with the English Schools in Taiwan might provide a listing as to which schools are more reputable, and which ones are not. Any examples as to why you might think this way would also be appreciated. Finally, feel free to respond anonymously to this request…it is understandable that ones position might be jeopardized if they speak with malice regarding a particular program. Deepest thanks, wB.

I work for Kojen English Language Schools and have no complaints whatsoever. The atmosphere among the teachers is excellent, I am treated fairly by all and I get the hours I want. I recommend you contact Prentice Berg at elsjobs@ms54.hinet.net. There are about 15 schools in Taipei and several more throughout the Island where you can be placed. I think they are always looking for good, mature and responsible teachers.