Difficult in spoken Chinese. almost 2 years living in Taipei

I m oversea Chinese and immigrated to Taiwan. We speak Burmese at home and No Chinese at all. I don’t work so far. :slight_smile: I understand daily Chinese and understand roughly when I listen to sermons at Church( I use English bible for reference when they say what book and verses). I cannot speak a complete sentences and I hardly get the words I want to say. I read some characters. I go to free Chinese class sponsored by an association where Taiwanese teachers teach using Elementary school Chinese subject books at weekends 4 hours each week. I am preparing for exams using books in English and Chinese type questions are needed for my license exams (technical terms are given in English, thanks to the boards) for my career in Taiwan.
What can make me better Chinese in daily activities? I need to know Chinese for work after exams. So far, on enough money and time for Chinese tuition. Special focus on Speaking rather than writing. How can I get better for that level of Chinese? and reach target level? I need very high level of spoken Chinese when I work.

I will do a language exchange with you by Skype if we can set up a time (I am in the US). I’ve always been interested in learning Burmese.

OP, If you have any idea how good a deal you have been offered, you’d be as pleased as a dog in a butcher (except in Korea)
Ironlady is good.
Let me rephrase that, one of the best.

i think if you want learn how to pronounce correct,you can start from “ㄅㄆㄇ” pronunciation of the chinese word,

hey man, i’d love to help you out. im burmese chinese also, just moved to taipei a few months ago. i understand burmese well but speaking is rough! =P my chinese conversational skills are def up to par but im working on getting my writing better. message me and maybe we can meet up and grab lunch and chat