Difficult job market in Taiwan?

Recently, I’ve been applying for several non-English teaching jobs in Taiwan and I’ve been surprised by how few companies are getting back to me and how little pay those who do get back to me offer, considering that I have several years’ experience and a relevant master’s degree in the fields I’m applying to. Today I received a response from an employer in Taiwan who is interested in me, but added words to the effect of “Good luck! The job market is difficult in Taiwan right now.” Is this true? It would certainly explain why I’m finding it so difficult to find anything suitable compared to only four or five years ago when, even without experience, it seemed so easy for me to land job interviews.

Not true at all. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Taiwan’s economy is performing at historical highs and unemployment is at a near-historic low.

What kind of jobs are you applying to?

Get on Linkedin and start adding HR/Managers from Asus, Gigabyte, Acer, MSI. They are always hiring.

Dude, have you been reading the posts on here for the last few years ?

That said , I also agree with Dan that there should be plenty of positions in local companies and historically low unemployment but

A) if you don’t have Chinese that’s an obstacle
B) you aren’t here to do interviews always a big disadvantage
C) many of the jobs available are low paid

I’m not writing foreigner as D) because mostly that’s an advantage especially for new hires.

It depends which kind of job you are looking for.

If I can hire someone who can do the same job and is willing to do it for lower pay. It is an easy decision to make.

I had foreigners apply to positions I had before, but they can not speak/read/write Chinese well, which is a major downer when you are in a place where the English ability is not that great in general.