Dinner Reservations for Chinese New Year's Eve (Feb 11) in Taipei?

Just back to Taipei and I’m told that (a month in advance) it’s already too late to get a decent dinner restaurant option for a family of 8 persons. :frowning:

Might anyone know otherwise, or have tips/advice? Seek something authentic Taiwanese/Chinese food, good quality, as a couple of kids will be having this experience fore the first time. Want to be sure mother-in-law enjoys; she is firm about it being dinner – can’t imagine we instead book a lunch reservation as it’s not the tradition for her 80 years…

In past we have dined at Formosa Restaurant at the Howard Plaza Hotel and would’ve done that again if we could secure dinner reservation but no luck…

I’d advise you to keep trying hotels. The independent and mom-and-pop shops are typically almost all closed on the lunar new year evening so workers can gather with their families, as you are trying to do as well!


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Just did Facebook search. If you don’t mind spending money https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1089490768179076&id=571299393331552

Yes, that makes sense and I figured as much…

That may be a bit beyond our budget, alas.

Just search 台北 年菜 on Facebook and many hotels still advertising

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Or the hotels also can send to your home

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