Just made:

Grilled Pork medallions marinated in red wine and rosemary.

White potatoes blanched, then fried in garlic and fresh coriander.

Yellow pumpkin boiled then sweetened and buttered.

Asparagus quick fried in garlic butter.

Ons second thoughts, I apologize for this post. I’m on four glasses of South African merlot. Anyway, here’s hoping all of you have had a good dinner, too.

But still–Sandman, what happened to those recipes?

I’d do it if I could, but Maoman’s had me trussed up and gagged in his basement for the last several months.

Alleycat, curious as to how much that cost to cook up. I find everytime I get adventurous in the kitchen, it ends up costing me double what it would’ve had I gone out to eat :imp:

This sounds like a meal for a special occasion, though. Something worth spending money on…
If I had not been indoctrinated against cooking and cleaning from an early age, I might even have considered trying something like that myself!

You bastard! I’m full, but you’re still killing me :smiley: . I’ve got to quit eating out when I can do so much better in my own kitchen.

Actually, I have just started a herb garden. Normally, I try and cook two or three a week. Now, I will probably do so more often.

Cooking western-style food need not be expensive. Once you have all the odds and ends (all the things that are so expensive in Taiwan but last over the course of many many meals–vinegar, wine, black pepper, herbs etc), buying the basics (meat, potatoes, veggies) should not cost more than the price of two bian dangs.

Of course it’s easier to eat out, but how many times doesn’t one go out just to be disappointed?

Plus, cooking is therapeutic. If I can’t catch my own fish, spear my own deer, or plant my own veggies, I am damn well going to do something.

Well…last night I cooked some Indonesian food…some Nasi Kuning, Rendang Sapi and Ayam Goreng Padang. That plus several cold Bintang Beers and everything was just “bagus”! :smiley:

Welllllllllll…i stopped by the Wellcome on the way home the other night and made a fucking knockout salad with ingredients bought there. Tuna, artichoke hearts (tin), black olives (tin), cherry tomatoes, boiled eggs, olive oil, mayo and herbs (rosemary, basil, thyme).

Yeah, Alleycat, a herb garden is pretty easy here. The flower market has loads of herb plants in pots at dirt cheap prices.

Blueface are you staying in your Bali gaff?

Blueface are you staying in your Bali gaff?[/quote]

Heading back real soon. :smiley: First I’m going to hit Singapore, cross over to Batam for some partying, take Pelni to Jakarta (more partying), fly to Yogya for a couple of weeks and then to Bali. I figure 6 months in Bali and then back to Taipei…

Where did you get the Bintang from? Have a good trip!

[quote=“Mark0938”]Where did you get the Bintang from? Have a good trip!

There’s alot of Indonesian shops near the train station (usually open Saturday and Sunday). The one I usually go to is on Chung Shan N. Rd. near the train staion exit…has small sign “Rumah Makan” outside.