Diplomatic merry-go-round

I’ve put a chart on my website of some data I’ve collected about the cross-strait battle for diplomatic recognition.

It’s not finished yet, but some of you might find it worth a glance.

Yes. Now try adding up the total population of all the countries which have diplomatic relations with the R.O.C. It was rather pitiful even before South Africa changed sides.

The Vatican does have an embassy in Taibei, but no ambassador since…when?

originally posted by Juba in a different forum:

Well now, Cranky Laowai thinks money is a big part of the reason most African countries have diplomatic relations with Beijing instead of Taibei, but Thyrdrail thinks they can get much more money from Taibei. So if money were the main thing, they should all be over here, shouldn't they? The explanation for this is that although a lot of African countries are short of money, it isn't their only concern. In many international fora, like the United Nations etc., they have to deal with the people who are really running China, not the remnants of a regime that was deposed in 1949 and got booted out of the UN in 1970. Taiwan's money might come in handy and may even be more than what Beijing gives, but Taiwan has precious little else to offer.

If the US and the rest of the UN deal with Beijing, why go against the tide? Taiwan will become part of China anyway, it’s just a matter of time.

I’d be interested to see which leaders get personal support from Taiwan, no doubt they don’t give a rat’s about thier country, just want a house on lake Geneva.

Another ally said goodbye. Now just 26 nations recognize the ROC.

The new government in Liberia is cutting ties with Taiwan. I doubt it comes as a surprise to the Foreign Ministry here since Charles Taylor has been tossed out of power. At least Liberia was diplomatic enough to wait until after double ten to make the switch.


As someone with 3 years experience I would say that for about 50 years Taiwan’s politians have had they heads in sacks. The current lot are no better than the lot that claimed China as part of Taiwan for about 20 years. The problem is these guys have no nests - They keep sh*tting in them and they are not available for occupation.

If you cannot establish yourself as an independent country after more than 30 years of very obvious self government, and the number of countries that recognise you continue to dwindle the guys at the top of the heap have to have sh*t for brains.

If you really want to become part of China - do it from a position of power - Independence first - then negotiate