Direct buses from New Taipei City to Hsinchu?

Can someone help me with links to companies that have busses from New Taipei City, like Xindian, Sanxia etc. to Hsinchu? I can’t seem to find anything with a Google search. Much appreciated!

Did you try Google maps? For example I found this bus which seems to fit your bill

After you get directions, click on “schedule explorer” and then “route options” and “prefer bus”

Where in Xinbei are you? Where in Hsinchu do you wish to go?

If you’re near Banqiao, and speed/comfort is valuable to you, then take Taiwan High Speed Rail.

If you start in other locations, and have other priorities, you can of course consider other options.


I now noticed you mentioned Xindian as one possible location. If you don’t mind a meandering route via Longtan in Taoyuan, you can take the Yalian Bus service that starts in Taipei City, goes past NTU, then passes through Xindian near Dapingling Station en route to Hsinchu, with stops along Kuang Fu Road once you arrive in Hsinchu City.

Hope this helps.


I think that’s the one I linked to! I am genuinely impressed by your long-range bus knowledge :slight_smile:

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That’s why I get paid the big bucks. : P


Wow! Thanks for the help folks. I really appreciate it.

So, I guess more context is necessary. Basically, I am facing a daily commute to Hsinchu (Kuangfu Rd) from Taipei or New Taipei City. I know it’s a major drag but anyhow that’s what’s happening. We haven’t decided where exactly to live in Taipei or NTC so we are figuring out the best place with good transport links to Hsinchu. Somewhere in Taipei would be the best, but we haven’t ruled out some of the suburbs. I’d also probably have a car at some point, but only be using it on occasion. I’d rather not rely on it to get to work.

I read an old thread from like 2010 and was just wondering if there were any changes, i.e. new bus routes. I’d be great to hear your experience if you have been in a similar commute situation.

I’ve taken that Yalian bus to commute to Hsinchu before. It’s a good option and cheap with it. It’ll drop you at the Tsingda gates and you can catch it back from there too.

Thanks. About how long does that take from say Dapinglin Station to Kuangfu rd, say on a normal day?

That website is not so user friendly.

It’s not quick, I’ll say that. From memory 70 to 90 mins? Don’t forget the HSR option. If you can arrange an Uber or a wild chicken to meet your train it’s heaps quicker.

Everyone I know that has attempted the Taipei to Hsinchu commute (daily, not occasional) has eventually given up.

These data points are however pre-HSR, when highway buses were aplenty as were mind-numbing traffic jams on the highway and on Kuang Fu Road.

In short: commuter beware!


The mythical bus to Hisnchu -yes it says Longtung, but goes all the way to Hsinchu, as per the bus route map and top sign- spotted at Dapinglin bus stop.

HSR monthly fare

Ha. You captured the elusive whale in the wild!

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There’s a couple of bus company offices opposite the entrance to Xiao Bitan station in Xindian, if you’re in the area you could check them out.

Thanks for the replies. Anyone have experience driving from either Sanxia or Linkou to Hsinchu as a daily commute? Looks like it’s about 45 min to an hour and 60km.