Directory of popular Learning Chinese forum topics

Rather than have lots of sticky topics at the top of the forum, you’ll find a list of popular and useful threads right here, separated by category.

I’ve just put down a few to begin with - feel free to suggest others (you can post them in this thread) for myself or one of the other moderators to add to the list.

[color=darkblue]Chinese Chat Rooms:[/color]

[ul]Forumosa’s Pinyin Chat Room [color=#0000FF](come here to chat using only Hanyu Pinyin!)[/color]
Forumosa’s Han4zi4 Chat Room [color=#0000FF](come here to chat using only 漢字!)[/color][/ul]

[color=darkblue]General Topics[/color]

[ul]Should I go to Taiwan to Study Mandarin?
[url= for Learning Chinese (Part I)[/url]
[url= for Learning Chinese (Part II)[/url]
Advice on Finding and Doing Language Exchange
[color=#BF0000](Note: Please post REQUESTS for language exchange partners in the Taiwanted classifieds, NOT HERE.)[/color]
How to learn or improve one’s tones
[url= Chengyu[/url]
[url= Long To Learn Mandarin To A Conversational Level?[/url]
Ways to get people to speak Chinese (not English) with you
[url= Long Does It Take To Become A Translator?[/url]

[color=darkblue]Chinese Scripts and Phonetic Transcription Systems[/color]

Simplified vs. Traditional Character Lists
Discussion and link to Excellent website on Hanyu Pinyin and other Romanization and non-Romanization systems
Bo Po Mo Fo
Which is better? Zhuyin Fuhao (Bo Po Mo Fo) or Hanyu Pinyin?
Tonal spelling: Gwoyeu Romatzyh & Ironlady’s TOP (Tonally Orthographic Pinyin)
Tongyong Pinyin vs. Other Romanizations
How to input pinyin with tone marks
Using Pinyin input to write characters on a computer

[color=darkblue]Studying Mandarin Independently[/color]

[ul]What’s the best way to study Mandarin independently?

[color=darkblue]Studying Mandarin Chinese in School[/color]

[ul][url= official list of approved language schools from MOE[/url]
Private Language Schools in TW
[url= for Learning Mandarin[/url]
Questions about PROCESS for student visa
Government-sponsored spouses classes
Studying for a B.A. or Master’s in Taiwan
[color=#0000FF]Individual discussions of the major places to learn, and choosing between them:[/color]
Chinese Language Division (CLD) at NTU
NTNU’s Mandarin Training Center
Chinese Culture University (Wenhua MLC)
Chinese course at Fu Jen Catholic University
Choosing between the University Programs in Taipei: NTNU, NTU’s CLD and NCCU
Night classes
Weekend classes
Summer programs
Individual classes at TLI
Online TPRS® Mandarin at Albany Language Learning (ironlady)
Best place in Taipei to study lower intermediate Chinese?
Best place in Taipei to study advanced Chinese?
Studying Mandarin in Eastern Taipei: Neihu, Xizhi (Hsichih), Nangang (Nankang)
[color=#0000FF]Studying Mandarin in Taiwan (outside of Taipei):[/color]
Taizhong (Taichung)
Gaoxiong (Kaohsiung)
[color=#0000FF](Please run a search before asking about specific schools, and post your message in the existing thread on a school, if any)[/ul]
[color=darkblue]Books and Flashcards[/color]

[ul][url= To Assist Chinese Learners[/url]
Best books about Chinese language
[url= Chinese Flashcards[/url]
Best Printed Dictionaries
Chinese thesaurus[/ul]

[color=darkblue]Electronic and Online Chinese Study[/color]

[ul]Electronic Dictionaries
Most Useful Online Sites to Learn Chinese
Chinese Learning Software
[url= First 500 Lessons (Torrent)[/url]
[url= Flash Card Project (Supermemo and Beyond?)[/url]

[color=darkblue]Languages Other Than Mandarin[/color]

[ul][url= Taiwanese–General Discussion[/url]
Taiwanese Classes in Taizhong (Taichung)
Websites for Learning Taiwanese
Other Resources for Learning Taiwanese
Learning Hakka[/ul]

[color=darkblue]Music, TV and Film[/color]

[ul][url= Chinese/Taiwanese TV Series for Learning Mandarin?[/url]

[color=darkblue]Classical and Archaic Chinese[/color]

[ul]Should one learn Classical Chinese, and if so, when?
Classical Chinese resources in Taiwan
Studying Classical Chinese in Taipei
Studying Classical Chinese in Taizhong (Taichung)

Taffy, :notworthy:

I suggest adding this to the online resources: … index.html
I think it is useful expecially for people who can already read bopomofo or any other pronunciation system (you can choose it). Personally I prefer bopomofo.
The website has other resources for beginners, even if it is not very user friendly.
The 1000 words can also be downloaded as pdf. Since it is difficult to find, this is the link … 8-1000.pdf