Dirt-cheap bed sheets

These are not for sleeping on. I want 2 large plain bedsheets - then I’ll be sewing them together, slapping on paint, and hanging then on a wall.
I went to 199, even theirs were too fancy (patterned) & pricey.

I want … the cheapest, the worst, the lowest quality. So long as they’ll take paint. Where do I go?

Yongle fabric market, on 2F of the public market on Dihua St.

Thanks, that’s probably a good reply if I’m in Taipei.
But I’m not - I’m looking for a more general suggestion. Maybe I should try Carrefour :ponder:.

Try one of those large local general purpose stores, they have everything, and cheaper than carrfefour. Sorry I know of two in Taipei but I don’t know where you are.

Any Costco near you?

If not, try asking for canvas/cloth factories. You should be able to buy the double-wide stuff (about 2 meter wide) as long as you want, no sewing involved.

I would be shocked if there weren’t some fabric shops in Yilan or wherever you are.

It would probably help if you included location in your subject OP.

If you feel like your mandarin is good, try any local wet market (菜市場) or night markets. That’s where the cheap stuff is, I doubt Carrefour will be cheaper than the two places I’ve listed.