Discussion Thread: Should America Bring back Asylums?

It’s a lengthy article. Please read first before commenting…

The question now is not, “What happened to the asylums?” but “What replaced them?” Following the mass closure of state hospitals and the establishment of a legal regime that dramatically restricted involuntary commitments, we have created an “invisible asylum” composed of three primary institutions: the street, the jail, and the emergency room. In slaying the old monster of the state asylums, we created a new monster in its shadow: one that maintains the appearance of freedom but condemns a large population of the mentally ill to a life of misery.

I haven’t made up my mind, but I see this as an early truth in the article.

In the name of compassion, we have built a system that may be even crueler than what came before.

Idk. Asylums were pretty messed up and a massive failure.

I supposed you can argue we know much more about mental health and disorders but there would need to be massive amounts of good regulations and oversight.

But the current way isn’t working for sure.