Disgruntled foreigner I am


Man, I really do like Taiwan. I’ve been here for almost 6 yrs…don’t plan on leaving soon.

but today I’m just really disgruntled with this place. A mom came rushing into my classroom because she is on the verge of giving birth…and now she wants to rush my student to the hairdressers to get her hair washed and done so that she doesn’t have to worry about that. (she does it anyways…3 times a week, because she is too busy to tie her own kids hair) And now she’s popping out another one that she also doesn’t have time for…

I got very close to being killed on my scooter. I usually love the craziness of the traffic here…but today felt like one of those ‘pending doom’ movies…like Final Destination (1-4) where you KNOW some accident is going to happen…it’s only a matter of time.

I finally make it home and throw myself on the couch with my dog. I’m trying to fall asleep because I have given up on this day (more idiotic, stressy stuff happened, but not going into detail) and I just want to nap.But doggy-dearest wakes up every time a scooter drives past because she thinks it’s the flatmate coming home. I live in a small alley, and yet a scooter drives by every minute…Dog wakes up, I wake up…

So I turn on the TV just to see that freakin Blackie guy on Channel V with his bunch of retarded skinny Mei-Mei girls speaking as if they have inhaled helium and standing there talking about how ‘fat’ the one girl is because she weighs 44kgs. Blackie even pokes at her ribs and goes ‘ajooooo’.

whaaat is up with this place? Is it really sexy to try and look like a 12 yr old girl and shriek like a retard while pointing your feet inwards?

ugh ugh ugh. I feel like inventing a new ‘Loose weight’ Milkshake and lace it with testosterone!!! :slight_smile:

I’m disgruntled too, on occasion. I can’t offer any advice* because you’re just having a moan and this phase will be over soon. Besides, you probably wouldn’t want any anyway. I know how you feel though.

Have you got jackhammers taking up residence next door? If not, go to the Jackhammer thread and thank your lucky stars. Thinks like this pale into insignificance when jackhammers are about.

Except don’t sleep with your dog. Perhaps you’ll get some sleep and people won’t think you smell like a wolf when you go out.

You haven’t seen my stunning dog!

YES, I actually DO have a building being erected in my little alley. And for some reason they usually only do jackhammer work weekend mornings at 8am. I watched them work today and they were so quiet…running around in the mud.

The best part about this culture is when, for example, a parent comes into a school to complain about her child’s lack of learning and progression in English, and the boss replies with “Your hair looks great today!”.

Or how about being nearly knocked off your scooter in rush hour traffic by another scooter driver careening towards your stopped scooter from behind, plowing into your bare arm, and then instead of them turning to apologize to you, or ask if you are at least OK; they instead turn their head the other way to examine the BMW they grazed by, for scratches; and then drive away looking EVERYWHERE but at you!

How about parents with children, deciding to bolt across an 8 lane boulavrd in the midst of rush hour traffic just after a light went green, and nowhere near a crosswalk…

How about… OR how about…
Grrrr. Sorry sweet tits… I, the flatmate, has always made it known that I am clearly the most disgruntled foreigner in Taiwan!! :wink: Now, back off of my throne!!

now now gurlz, this too shall pass. not everyone in this country remembers to take their morning foresight pill.

Took Sambuka for a morning walk and people on the street were crazy about her…clapping their hands, making funny movements…coming out of their shops to play with her.

Even the construction guys waved at her…Leaving Sambuka insanely happy, foaming at the mouth and trying to bite her own tail…which made the people foam at the mouth and clapping even harder…

The guy at 7-11 made jokes and the girl went nuts over another Hello Kitty badge I politely pushed towards her.

So today seemed better already.

I think we all have days like that, here in Taiwan, especially if we ride scooters or other motorcycles. Hang in there!

No. It’s moronic and repulsive. Women who do that aren’t women, IMO, and they deserve nothing better than a nose-picking, betelnut-chewing taxi driver for a mate.

Or a guy who likes 12-yr old girls.

Isnt that why you teach in a junior high school??? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I thouht being a junior or high school teacher is a dangerously nubile profession :wink: :wink:

Nubile doesn’t mean what you think it means… :wink:

Isnt that why you teach in a junior high school??? [/quote]

I used to teach junior high, because it was the one place I could meet people who were smarter than me. Taiwanesers get stupider as they get older, then they take over ‘management’ of your department and your choice is to either quit or turn into Tom Hill.

So now I’m teaching girls who look they’re 12, but have none of the charm or banter*. They’ve stopped trying to grow and gone back to being cute, which brings us back to the OP.

(*Except for the offices full of happy people I teach on Weds and Thu, and the four lovely ladies who pay me to chat with them on Fridays, and want to teach me to surf.)

You could spend every minute of every waking hour (or, if you’re like me, a few of the sleeping ones as well) finding some occurance in daily life that is evil & repulsive. I try not to waste much more time on the gritty details.

Accentuate the positive. Adjust tone on the negative. Don’t dwell on the evil experience you just had, there will be a cluster of narcissistic events right on it’s heels!

So Pucker Up, & Get Happy! :homer:

There are silver linings here, you just have to delve a little deeper into The Haystack.

Keep On Keepin’ On!

Keep on Keepin on
Life’s a garden…dig it!

Yes, I think too much. I wish I happy every day. Good time!