"Dishes" Burger place in banqiao

Hello guys,

tried Dishes in Banqiao this weekend and I have to say it is pretty good. The burgers are huuuuge, I had problems to eat my burger, because it was so big.
We had the mushroom burger (200NT) and the fish burger for 230NT. Both burgers are coming with fries, you also could choose mashed potato. We also tried their lime/mint lemonade (60NT) which were really refreshing, kind of a virgin mojito. We don’t live in banqiao, but we tried dishes, because they are in the yiyi card network, so we give it a try and and it is good and cheap. For people who live near by, you should give it a try. It is a small shop, nothing very fancy. Normally we should pay 550NT but with yiyi we only payed 350NT! We would go their again! :lick:

their facebook: facebook.com/dishes.tw?fref=ts

The desert does actually have an oasis. Thank you dingeling. :thumbsup: