Disinformation campaigns - current and future challenges in Taiwan

A couple in Hualien linked to the Communist Youth League of China has been sentenced for posting bullsh&t on f-book about the coronavirus and its impact in Taiwan.



Grandma who does not know how to use UberEATS or FoodPanda and needs someone to order coffee for her yet states with absolute authority that 3 million people have died in the US of COVID -her classmate in the US said so in a LINE group- and that is because they have too much freedom, not like the great China where they just order people to vaccinate and that is why they are so great/have so much money/do not have that many dead…


She has a vacant apartment or two she needs to sell. Let her dream her “Chinese are coming!” dreams.

She could retire there if she likes. :person_shrugging:


@Icon ? Who’s going to warn us about the next pandemic?

What are you guys talking about?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If stuff is so awesome in The Motherland, why doesn’t grandma give it a try as a place to retire?


Ah. Beats me.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan has taken note of the ongoing information war in this helpful detailed report: