Disney Movies about Rides

Pirates of the Caribbean
Haunted Mansion

What’s next? Standing in Line, Riding in the Tram, Space Mountain?

Walt must be rolling over in his cryogenic chamber.

If I were made to sit through a film version of “It’s a Small World”, I would probably hork all over the person sitting in the row in front of me.

As if things weren’t bad enough with remaking the recent successful animated features into Broadway musicals or having straight-to-video sequels and remaking their live-action films…

Someone should inform then that when they encourage people to recycle, they didn’t mean their entire studio productions…

I rented Pirates of the Caribbean last week and thought it was really cute the way they had scenes that looked like the animatronics in the ride. The movie had some good moments.

[quote]The movie had some good moments.
Geoffrey Rush’s scenery-chewing being a case in point. “Har-haarrrrrgh!” That was a man having a great deal of fun. I liked the movie.
Another surprise is Freaky Friday, which is a load of utter and total shite, EXCEPT for Jamie Lee Curtis, whose part alone (playing the role of her teenaged daughter stuck in her mother’s body) makes the film well worth the rental.

If they remake the sound of music I will fly a plane into Cinderella’s Castle…

Ah, I remember when my high school marching band went to Disney World in 1995, and the people wouldn’t let a flag corps girl march in the parade because she had a pierced tongue…as if she was going to spend the parade with her tongue stuck out. :unamused:

I smell a Finding Nemo sequel coming soon…