Dive into the mystic festivities of Ghost Festival with Keelung-for-a-Walk!

If you are searching for a meaningful travel and cultural experience, Keelung’s Ghost Festival runs the entire month of August, providing flexibility in potential planning

Local and independent youth organization, Keelung-For-A-Walk, currently has open signups for their well-known and highly-rated Ghost Festival tours. Check out their 5 star rated reviews at TripAdvisor and visit their homepage to learn more about the Ghost Festival tours.

The Keelung Ghost Festival is an elaborate folk festival which seeks to make peace with the lonely spirits of the past in hopes they refrain from seeking shelter in the mortal world. Through a combination of material and culinary offerings, theatre, musical ensembles, and captivating visual arrangements, the local Taiwanese offer this ritual to ensure that bad luck, ill health, and other misfortunes will be spared them and to ensure that the spirits return safely to the spirit world feeling satisfied with the offerings afforded them. Through times of tradition and renewal, peace and violence, tribute and dissuasion, Keelung culture aspires to stability and good fortune, and often perceives the past to be indicative of their personal well-being. In light of this, the communal clan groups of Keelung have gradually developed this month-long, grand festival that addresses all this simultaneously.

An experience for all ages, if you plan on traveling to Taiwan’s northeast coast or are already in the area, please be sure to come and enjoy the vibrant lights, intricate ceremonies, fabulous smells, and ornate decorations of the Keelung Ghost Festival with Keelung-For-A-Walk tour group!


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Why is August the low season?

Summer is the high season, no?

You’re so literal…:roll:

or do they mean it’s the low season, because, well, ghosts and stuff?

Hi the_bear,

Sorry for the confusion. Usually this time of year is the most affordable but also the warmest. Lots of people prefer to travel in the late fall or early spring, but those times are usually the most crowded. Keelung is beautiful right now, and events like the Ghost Festival make it all the more appealing!


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