Diving in Taiwan

There are several threads on Segue that deal a little in diving but I have some additional questions that are not covered in those.

Where are the diving spots in Taiwan besides Tai-Dong and Green Island? I have heard about some in northern Taiwan as well.

What kind of diving sites are they? Coral only? Ships? … What?

Is it too cold to dive in northern Taiwan during the winter, do they even have leaders during the winter?

What are the costs?

What is the water temperature during the winter in southern Taiwan?

Other things I should know?


I’ve been a bit distracted of late and haven’t investigated the diving here. Sad of me really, as I know a guy who owns a diving shop in Keelung.

I’ll probably see his son tomorrow so I’ll use you as my excuse to get my act together and try to get some info.

All the best

Sorry this took me so long, and can’t help much anyway.

I haven’t seen the dude for ages, but a mutual friend tells me that there’s not much happening right now due to the weather. I haven’t been out on the water for a while, but it seems to be mostly too rough to be diving comfortably. And it’s bloody cold!

PM me and I’ll get you a phone number. You speak Chinese, right?

You could also try to get in touch with a guy called Warren Dixon, who issues a monthly newsletter via email about the diving in Taiwan. If you’ve read the newsletter then you’ll know that he’s in-touch with diving around the island. He also organises a get-together at one of the foreigner-friendly pubs (can’t remember which one…) on the 1st Wednesday night of each month. Check the “Events Forum” on this website for any updates…

Personally however, I think the diving in Taiwan is generally over-rated and over-priced, especially if you’re going out with the local groups (from commercial dive shops) to dive spots in the north of Taiwan, such as LongTung Bay. There’s lots of garbage and dead marine life to be seen…

In the south, such as at Green Island, although it’s good, it’s generally very expensive when you compare it to other world-class sites (like almost anywhere in southern Thailand). However, if you live in the south of Taiwan, then it’s probably another story… Personally, I prefer to keep my wallet in the hip pocket until I venture into warmer waters.

Unfortunately, boat dives here are almost unheard of; I believe it’s due to restrictive government legislation. However, I’ve heard of some people (including foreigners) who’ve been able to jump aboard some fishing boats for a ride to better sites. Dunno if I’d want to trust a local fisherman if I’m diving, though…

Anyway, that’s my two-bob’s worth. Cheers :wink: ,

The Big Babou.

Warren will be more than happy to answer your questions and take you diving. Here is his web page with his email address: water-world.com.tw/WD/instructor.htm. He occasionally sends out emails inviting people to go diving with him.

But I will try to answer some of your questions:
Diving is common in the Pitou Chiao (Bee-Toe-Jal) area. There are many

Thank you for all your help in information everybody! I have something to work with now.

hello…i’m somewhat new here in taiwan and would like to get into the ocean to do some diving…does anyone know of a good dive group or some way to get in touch with other divers here?

Besides Warren, mentioned earlier in this thread, there is Water World in Taipei. They have trips every weekend and you only need to confirm that you’re going by Thursday. It’s a predominantly local group but they do have some English-speakers and have some foreign divers participate.

Website: water-world.com.tw
Addr: 105 Minchuan Road section 5, no. 14 - this is along a section full of aquarium shops.
Tel: 02 2748 7755
They also have a branch in Peitou’s Mingte Road, no. 265
Tel: 02 2828 0088

We’ve not actually dived with them but did order a wetsuit.

If you speak chinese or taiwanese talk to Rambo on 0910 280 087, email chang591@ms26.hinet.net

He has a dive shop in Keelung, and organises dive charters etc.

Hey! It only took me three months to post this!

Latest info I have on Keelung:

2 boat dives close to the island - NT$1500

The first is 30 metres max, the second is 20 metres max. Dives are not normally guided, as the DM usually stays on the boat. Trips are by arrangement, depart from Bisha (just outside Keelung)

Spear fishing is apparently normal, but I have no idea as to the quality of the sites otherwise. My source doesn’t have experience of anywhere else to compare it to.

Would anyone likee to get a group together one Sunday? Max 10 people.