🤿 Diving - WCIF PADI scuba dive master training in English

Can anyone refer me to a scuba school offering training to PADI divemaster in Taiwan in English? I’ve dug through old posts and emailed a school with no response… I’m wondering if there is any current information? I’d prefer Taipei area, but a couple of weeks in Green island or elsewhere would work too.

I know a guy in Green Island who does PADI training. His English is fantastic, he used to do PADI courses in Australia. If you’re interested let me know I can give you his information.

Yes, please give me his contact info. PM if preferred.

I did my PADI courses in Cairns, Australia with a Taiwanese instructor called Josh. I don’t know if he returned to Taiwan or stayed there. I deleted Facebook ages ago and don’t have any other contact route.
Too busy to do diving. I miss it.


I dove with these guys a few times. They are located near Dingxi MRT station. The owner speaks English and all of the dive trips are in English.

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I know a South African dive instructor who is in Taichung. He can do a dive master course. PM me if you want his details.

Thanks! That looks perfect for dive master and EFR. I’ve sent an email and will update this thread if the courses are available.