Divorce and ARC issue

I have a couple of questions and I hope that somebody can give me a little bit more information

I am a Dutch citizen, living in Taiwan for over 5 years, and married with a ROC citizen. We have a little daughter who has dual citizenship. We might end up having a divorce soon and I’m trying to find more information about my rights here in Taiwan.

I would like to keep custody of our daughter and prefer to stay in Taiwan for at least a couple of more years, so she can also be with her father if she wants to, is that possible? Can I stay in Taiwan, because my daughter is a ROC citizen?

I am teaching English at various schools for over 5 years already, but I’ll have to change my ARC which is linked to our marriage now. Is it possible to apply for a new ARC, as a non-native speaker? I do have a TEFL certificate and stable teaching jobs.

Of course I can also go back to the Netherlands, but then I’ll definately have to fight for the custody and if I loose I won’t be able to see my daughter grow up. This thought is freaking me out :frowning:.

Who has some more information for me, experiences, addresses of people to contact…everything is welcome.

Info can also be sent to: icitaiwan@hotmail.com

Living in Taiwan continuously for 5 years should mean you are eligible for permanent residency - an APRC. Do a search for that - there’s quite a few threads here about it.

Thanks for your advice. I’ll check out the APRC topics. I wonder if they stay valid when the marriage ends…

If you get the process done before the marriage ends and the JFRV expires, there should be no problem, as the APRC is a separate visa.