Divorce and Health Insurance Questions


Hi everyone.

I’m currently on ARC with my wife and 2 daughters. From my understanding, I’m still able to reside in Taiwan as long as I gain custody of one of my daughters who is still a minor (3 years old) after I get a divorce.

But what about my NHI coverage? My healthcare is currently registered under my wife. After we’re divorced, do I still get health coverage from being registered under my daughter? Thanks!


as far as you have your ARC, you can/should enroll in NHI. Though I’m not sure your daughter is under your insurance, or you are under hers, or your daughter is under her mother’s insurance and you have your own insurance, I’m sure you are covered by NHI in some way.


You are but you should go in give them new address etc and update their files. If you lose your arc though, you are a tad :banana:ed.