Divorce Law Question - Can your husband or wife take your overseas stuff?

Hey guys

I’m from Australia, and the divorce laws here are pretty horrendous with your “better half” generally entitled to over half your assets and even your retirement fund!

I want to know if I ever get married to someone in Taiwan, would they have the same type of claim on the assets I have so far accumulated back home?

Does Taiwan have any kind of agreement with Australia to make my life miserable…

Thank you

Sign prenups before marriage then.

Easy to say ex post facto. And it doesn’t answer the OP’s question. :roll_eyes:

Mostly spouses take on the nationality of the foreigner and the marriage is registered in said country, as a national she can claim whatever the law of that country states.

OP’s not married yet, JP.

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Fair 'nuff. But asking these questions before a marriage is a bit anticipatory of future horrors.

I didn’t even read my marriage contract. Well, I couldn’t, because it was in Chinese. However, I’m devoid of assets, apart from a substantial DVD, CD and xBox game collection. And a guitar. If worst came to worst, the wife could keep all the shit, and leave me with the guitar.
There may be a massive legal battle over the TV, though. And the cats. No way is she getting the cats.


Who would get the cats?

EDIT: you beat me to the punch.

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Huh? Did you read his question?

He hasn’t yet.

in general, half of assets accumulated after you get married.


I’m fine with that, as long as it’s only the assets I will get when I’m with them in Taiwan and not what I already have

I’m getting the cats! (She’s probably getting the cats…)

are you planning multiple marriages in Taiwan?

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Is this common? I have no plans to do this so my assets should be safe.

I don’t plan to get sick when I travel, but I still get health insurance. It’s good to know what I’m getting into

I think everyone hopes their marriage will last, but at my job there are so many men who have been emotionally and financially destroyed by divorce it has completely put me off taking the chance in my home country

I don’t want to run into the same BS overseas