Dear friends I’m foreigner from Pakistan and married with a Taiwanese and a daughter now my wife wants divorced with me but don’t want give me my daughter is it possible if we divorced I get back my daughter from my wife
2. Or I not give her divorced then she still can get through court if she go to court we need share our property with each other

no. never sign the paper without your custody to your daughter, if that is important.


We still live together so what I need do

if you are the party at fault, and her claim is reasonable to get divorced.

do you already have APRC or you are still on ARC? it’s a big difference.

Visit legal aid foundation, and get a professional legal counsel for free.



I’m still on ARC and I’m not fault not cheat her not beat her and even I make all month money give to my wife


If you could keep the marriage until you clear the 5 year residency for APRC, it would be better.

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Marriage need 3 years or 5 years

You can do naturalization after 3 years, or can get APRC after 5 years. For naturalization, you should renounce your original nationality.

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After 3 year I cannot get Taiwan id

hope everything works out for you!