DMV, Changing to New APRC # for both DL & SL

I’ve gone thru the process for my NHI card & at my bank, now it’s time to do the DMV. Can somebody please tell me what I need to bring? Also, is this done while I wait, or do I need to return at a later date?
A) The old licenses
B) Mini photos
C) $$
D) ??

I just took ARC, old licences and photos. They didn’t charge me. It was done on the spot


Take your passport & NHI card as well…just in case.

Thanks for that. Much appreciated.

FYI, Was in and out in 15 minutes. Excellent , prompt, professional service. Thanks DMV !!!


They might seem goons, but if your docs are in order and you know exactly what you want, you are in and out in a breeze. They have too much shite to handle, need you out ASAP.

I have to disagree here. It took me 2 months 6 trips to 3 different vehicle offices to convert my licence. My docs were in order on the first trip.

I was only successful because the manager was a young guy. The old hag was doing whatever she could to not convert my licence, it was only done cos the supervisor made her.

I’m sorry to hear about this, I went twice only (taipei Bade rd dmv office). First time to get the forms for the health checkup, and they also advised I had to retake the pictures at the small machine they have there since they were not the right size.

Went to do the checkup at the PoJen hospital nearby, went back in, gave all my docs and the cash, took 30 mins, but got all my licences on the spot.

I’m curious which office this was. My experience at Taoyuan’s DMV has always been great.

Hsinchu was the worst, I lived there at the time. I can’t remember the second one I tried, the 3rd one was somewhere in Taichung but not the main Taichung one… I can’t remember exactly it was years ago. It felt like it was in the middle of nowhere, they’re the ones that did it for me.

The main issue was having a working holiday visa. They convinced themselves I was there illegally and didn’t have the right to reside. All the websites saying an ARC is required is false, the law only requires you to have the right to be in Taiwan 6 months or more. The majority of people who can stay 6 months will have ARCs but there are exceptions. Employers did the same, they wouldn’t sign me up for labor insurance because they convinced themselves I was working illegally.

The visa in my passport meant nothing to anyone.

The only people a working holiday in Taiwan is good for is Brits, they’re the only ones who get an ARC.

I sent complaints to both TECO and the Australian department of home affairs as it’s supposed to be a reciprocal arrangement (both drivers licences and working holiday visas). On paper it is, in reality it’s not. No one cared

Also I know another Australian guy who is having issues converting his licence at the Miaoli office. the lady there lied to him and told him licences can only be converted at the Taipei office

Edit: he has an ARC so he isn’t being told ‘you’re here illegally’ like I was

fucking terrible TW attitude of pushing the barrel to someone else. Hate it. The same in Italy too for public services.

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It’s something I miss about Australia. Public services are pretty easy to access and the staff know what they’re doing.

It took me 5 minutes to convert my Taiwanese scooter licence to an Australian (Victorian) motorcycle licence.


I had the wrong size too and the woman cropped it. It looks hilarious now, my face looks massive.

No problem at the Bade office, but that was like 6 years ago or more

whilst the photo taken at the photo booth there looks creepy, I still reckon it is better than a cropped one. It took less than 5 mins

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I was cheap and didn’t want to spend the loot for a new photo.

Anyway I’m due for a new one next year and I can be done with that photo lol

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