Do I get a tax rebate on the 18% I pay on the first 183 days in Taiwan? If so, when?

Hey, so i’ve been reading on Reddit and Forumosa and seen in some posts that somebody says I will get 15% of the 18% back after my first 183 days. Yet on a post on here (I think by the admin) it says that I won’t get this back. Which one is correct?

Also, if it is correct, will I get it back straight after the first 183 days or after the full year?


The taxes you’re actually due for this year will be calculated when you file taxes next year in May. If you have overpaid, you’ll get a tax refund.

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Also if you still have your passport on you, if your shopping in a mall like below Taipei 101 for example, there is a tax rebate desk that you can go up to and all you have to do is show your passport. Make sure when your at the counter of whatever store your purchasing from that you want the rebate, they may have paperwork for you there.

This is about income tax rebate for residents, not sales tax for tourists.

My job will begin on December 10th, so the 183 days would start from then. I’m just curious he would get the tax rebate after the 183 days of working?


Very direct, I like it. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

However after the full year I will be eligible for a rebate on this as well as the 6% I will pay for the following 6 months? (My work contract is one year)

The default is per calendar year, not sure if you can even change the fiscal year for an individual in TW.

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As @manganate says, the fiscal year is the calendar year. Basically what will end up happening is that for the income of the 20ish days of your first year, you pay 18%.

For the second year you work for more than 183 calendar days, so the normal resident taxes apply. You file for these taxes in May 2021, so that’s when you would get a tax refund. The 18% in the second year seems to vary a bit by employer, but it seems like most withhold 18% for the first six months of the year.

I am not a tax expert, so if anyone knows better, please feel free to correct me.

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