Do I have to give him 5000NT?

Was careless with a rented car and backed up into a parked car. Left a dent in the front but nothing too horrible. Insurance on the car was happy to pay for the damage and said they could pay to fix it.

The guy refused to let the insurance fix it at any other place than the Toyota company itself. I think that was fine by the insurance. HOWEVER HE DOES NOT HAVE INSURANCE and only has the two year warranty on the car.

Anyways he insists that my girlfriend and I pay him 5000NT cause we made it so annoying for him. He said if we don’t give him the 5000NT he will sue us. I understand that if you cause an accident you should pay for the damage…which my insurance company did!!!

CAN he sue us??? Do I have to give him the money???

YOu are insured and you hit a car without insurance. And the guy is insisting that the repairs get done at a Toyota dealership. Your insurance company has agreed to this and will be paying to fix his car. Am I getting this right? And still the guy wants you to pay him 5000nt?

The answer is NO. HIs car is getting fixed by your insurance company. He will not be out of pocket.

Whats he going to sue you for?


Whats he going to sue you for?[/quote]

He sueing to repair his sewer. :loco:

Ps: You don’t have to give him sh*t. But you should sue him for having to listen to him saying “I will sue you.”. It would make as much sence as his claim.

Tell him,“OK, lets go. Here, let me dial the number for you.” Just make sure he doesn’t know where you park your own vehicle, if any, or he may try to take his frustration out on it.

When my girlfriend rear-ended a taxi, the driver bitched and complained about loss of income due to the car having to be in the shop. Maybe it’s the same in this case? Did he specify what the 5K was for?

Either way, the loss of income cash came from the insurance company, too, so tell him to ask the insurance company or go whore himself for it.

The sue talk is just a bluff.

That guy could be a very arrogant and ignorant guy – he does not know what he is talking about. I think he should consult a good lawyer first before demanding payment from you.

What is the purpose of the insurance then?

He’s just trying to take advantage of you. DO NOT pay him the $5000. Call his bluff. He’ll back off.

He probably has not got any insurance, and getting you to pay for it is simply extra cash in his pocket. The fact that you had the gall to damage his car is not something he was expecting…

A second possibility is that claiming on his insurance (for a $5000 repair) puts his premium up by a much larger amount, which is why car insurance is reallly only worthwhile claiming against for large damages, like a write-off.

Still, i would tell him to get stuffed, as you paid for insurance so there would be no cost to you in the event of damage. Have you checked the erstwhile ‘contract’ carefully for any description of a residual payment or a damage excess that has to be paid, regardless of any insurance you may have taken out?

don’t give him any satisfaction, he is probably trying to blackmail you and trying to jack you up…it’s easier to do it on the foreigner than the local 'cause they don’t know the system well as we do. if he wants to sue you, tell him go right ahead, your insurance company is willing to pay for it, what do you do anything wrong?! he is the one not insured, he is the one doesn’t have insurance, why are you afraid of him? and what are you worrying about? insurance policy is pretty much the same everywhere around the world. tell him to take a hike…

The point of having an insurance company is 1. so they pay and 2. so you don’t have to negotiate with people like this. That’s what you pay them for, tell him if he wants money off you this is their number, see you never.

hang on, the car rental place refuses the insurance payment, or the guy you hit refuses? i missed that to begin with. sorry, i thought the rental place was the problem. if it’s the other guy, yeah, what jaame said: call this number, see you never.

I think he may feel that you should give him something according to his take on the situation, but 5k is way too high for an insured fender-bender. 1.5k is closer to the typical amount, in my (limited) experience. You might consider offering him that for the karma / harmony aspect of things. If he refuses, then too bad for him.

I figured it was just the karma thing too…but i sorta didn’t think about the karma thing until afterwards. We did offer to give him a 1000nt to “say sorry”, but he said our attitude was bad in the first place and that we were trying to avoid him. So he said that minimum was 5000 or he would sue.

From what he says, our insurance company has postponed a couple of apointments to fix his car and he is getting fairly frustrated.

I’ve sort of made up my mind to let the insurance company handle this situation and not pay him the money and let him sue if he wants. I’m sure it’s as much hassel and inconvenience for him to go to court as it is for me. I am pretty sure he will not go to court.

On a side note - Was thinking could give him a free English lesson A-E-I-O-U NOTHING!!!

Honestly, if my insurance somehow didn’t pay for the damage of his vehicle i would be more than willing to cover the bill after it had been fixed. Actually before he insisted on calling the cops to come take pictures, I had offered him around 6000NT to pay for the damage…but he insisted on getting the law involved…now that it has…it hasn’t worked out so pretty for him and it seems to be working out well for me…well…besides the fact he keeps bothering me and my gf with random calls during the week asking for money.

He’s obviously a cunt, get your phone company to bar his number and then forget about it.

use the law against him, tell the police that he’s harrasing you.

give the police his number too and ask your local telecom to print out who called you when you pay your bills next time.

harrasment is a very serious offence in Taiwan IMHO.

If the law doesnt require you to pay him , then he shouldnt and he shout f**k off.