Do I have to serve if I am 36?

Through marriage, I got my household registration and Taiwan ID in May. I turned 36 in March. I have an advanced degree. I got a draft registration letter.

  1. How long is the service? It says on wikipedia that 4 months is only for people born after 1986. I was born before.
  2. Am I prevented from leaving the country and if so, until 37? Are they going to block my passport or what? Will I be able to get a passport with an national ID number in the meantime?
  3. What do laowais like me typically have to do?
  4. Someone told me that the HHR office don’t process new hukou registrations until next year, when I would be 37. Is it true?
  5. If one chooses the alternative service with 4 years of service in Academia Sinica or something, is there a penalty if you don’t work there for 4 years later?



Conscription Regulations for Naturalized Aliens & Returning Overseas Chinese