Do I need a new Health Check for every new ARC?

I’m switching to a new school soon. My current boss has been really great and is an honest and reliable person. The new school I am moving to is owned by a friend of hers. So, I’m very confident it’s also a good school, with proper management.

Anyway, my current ARC is valid for 2 years. Obviously, I will switch over to a new ARC with the new job. I’m just wondering if I need to get a new health check for the new school/ARC? Since my current ARC is valid for 2 years, shouldn’t my health check also be valid for that long?

My contact at the new school was saying that she thinks I do need a new health check, but I called my current boss and she’s pretty sure I don’t need a new one.

Normally, I might wait until one of them gets back to me with a positive answer, but I have the opportunity to go to the hospital tomorrow… I don’t live in Taipei, and don’t visit every weekend, so if I do need it, it would be much more convenient to get it over with tomorrow…

I had a similar situation when I added a second employer to an existing ARC.

The new employer insisted that I would need either 1) a new health check (preferred) or 2) a letter from the current ARC sponsoring employer that they in fact had the original health check certificate when they applied for my ARC. My 3-year ARC still had about a year left on it. AFAIK, you can’t get an ARC without a health check, so it stands to reason that I had the health check. Further, I still had an original from the health check used to get that ARC, but the new employer insisted that it would not be accepted to add them to my ARC because it was more than a month old, but a letter from the other employer stating that they had it when they applied for the ARC would be accepted… :loco:

So since I didn’t want to bother with going through the time and expense of another health check, I got the letter from the original employer. The new employer was successfully added as a secondary employer, and then later made to be the sponsoring employer. The ARC expiration date stayed the same, and I got another health check when it was time to renew.

As I read this, I’m not sure if it clarifies or muddies your situation, though. I generally subscribe to the “better safe than sorry” philosophy, so given your circumstances, I’d probably just do it.