Do I need another police check when going from between jobs to a new job?

In 2018 I gave a police check from back home.

Soon I will be leaving my current position and out of work for a little while. Will I need another police check?
Cram school with ARC.

My new job just required it to be done again even though I had it done back home a year ago. Just wait until they ask, cause maybe they won’t,

That makes no sense from a legal POV. There should be some consistency across the board. I thought it was that a new check was needed every 5 years? Or if you had gone back to your home country to live for a couple years?

I really have no idea what the law states or if it’s even enforced at most places.
I’m signing with a public school so maybe that’s why they require it.

Don’t let your ARC status change (get your last school to keep it or get an extension) and you will only need to get one from Taiwan, which your school may be willing to get for you. They’ll just need your passport. I’m surprised you didn’t need one for 2019.

Thanks for the reply.

So when I leave my current cram school I go to immigration and ask for an “extension”? I think I can have this for up to 6 months.

Yes, if your old school is canceling your work permit and you don’t have a new job applying for one right now. In regards to the criminal check, the important thing is to show you’ve been in Taiwan for the past year.