Do Mods have a right to lock a harmless ongoing thread just because the conversation is pointless from Mods perspective?


You now see the matrix.


I hate it when the mods go all fash and start editing or locking threads. For instance, I have the right to say TAIPEI COUNTY and WARNER VILLAGE


I think I have the right to repeat stuff and repeat stuff and annoy the hell out of mods …In temp.

Why close or lock temp ?
Smells pretty strange to me.

Especially after a mod chopped up the original threads.

Just let it run for the 15 days…If it lasts that long.

And yes I was asked to mod these forums as well before. So it’s not like I couldn’t be a mod either.


For a woman’s forum you need women.


If a person is a guest in someones home, do they have the right go do as they wish. If they go against the flow of the home owner, and said owner “moderates” them, is that ok?

I think its time people step back, don’t be do entitled, and realise you me and almost everyone here is a guest on another person’s website. If they say can’t say the words shit, trump or China, that’s their right. This is their website. This isn’t really a public owned area. Its not akin to any sort of government. So we are choosing to spend, often waste, our time here. Unlike living in an area and dealing with democratic governments where we can, and should, fight for our rights and freedoms, individuals personal websites can’t exactly be he of to the same standards. Although I support you trying, in the end you can leave or they can change. But don’t take it personal.


Exactly! You visit my rooftop, I decide how many beers you drink and when it’s time to leave.

That being said, I might stay on your couch for longer than you like, tell more inappropriate jokes than you are comfortable with, and empty most of your fridge before you can say “second hand refrigerator door handle replacement”. You guys better be glad that this forum doesn’t come with free beer, or it would be hard to keep me away.


I’m not sure about “completely wrong”, but in general yes, that’s the idea.

You can’t make 100% of people happy 100% of the time.


We can, but we don’t. It’s like how my nice sharp teeth can easily cut through human (or bovine) flesh, but I would only do that in an emergency.

I know, eh? Totally polarized. Pundits predict civil war within the next 10 years! :runaway:



fixed it for you.


Still deleting most of my feedback, hilarious.
Why don’t you leave it up the whole thing ?

If you didn’t keep deleting it then I wouldn’t have to keep trying to post it.


Meaningless statement , sorry.

We still need a forum for feedback to be respected not deleting the parts of the feedback TG doesn’t like.


Hey dude my posts keep being deleted from here too.
No difference.


Totally missing my point


It’s more a commentary on the place itself, rather.