Do Most Singaporeans support CCP/China?

Singaporeans have no opinions or thoughts they just follow their leader. Who needs to placate them and make them feel safe and happy and eligible for an HDB.

But generally Chinese have both made good impressions in Singapore and bad impressions in Singapore.

Singapore leaders have done a pretty good job of Walking the Tightrope between China and Chinese culture and history and the region and the world where China is concerned.

CCP, singaporeans are smart enough to know what’s really going on there.

Viva Andy Xie!!!

Edit – perhaps too cryptic.

That is pretty cryptic.

Has Xie commented on the George Yeo “Chinese Commonwealth” scheme?


Not to my knowledge. His main contribution was 1) to accurately state, in an internal email 20 years ago, that Singapore had prospered as a money laundering center for corrupt Indonesians, and 2) to accurately forecast that it would continue to prosper as a money laundering center for corrupt Chinese in subsequent years.

The latter happened under the auspices of George Yeo and the People’s Action Party. These guys assert themselves to be balanced and practical, but they are only practical and self-serving. And very much pro-CCP China.

Taiwan doesn’t need Yeo’s advice. Yeo and his PAP buddies are like neutral evil elves in Dungeons and Dragons.

Thank you for posting Stanton’s editorial. Although intended as satire, it’s quite possibly in line with China’s roadmap. “We must reunify Singapore to complete our great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.” Something like that.

Thanks for the elaboration. This is much appreciated.

Stanton, btw, is great. He seems to publish an op-ed every month in the Taiwan News. His pieces are almost always worth reading.


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