Do most Taiwanese parents have their newborn boys circumcised?

Although I’d suggest you to do some research first.
My friend had recently circumcised his son but the doctor didn’t do a good job, and the kid had to go under surgery again.
But yes, hospitals can do it upon request.

That’s something to consider. The doc didn’t cut enough off the first time?

So that’s where Sandara Bullock gets all her baby foreskins.

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Something like that.
And it seems that if not done correctly the first time it can be quite difficult to fix it later on.

It’s legal in Taiwan.

No. But this “ Effectively you’re asking if a third party can be contracted to sexually assault a child - possibly your child? That’s some sick stuff.” It’s a bit much. I wasn’t sexually assaulted as a child and resent the implication.


I once knew a fella (in the biblical sense, as it were) who had to get circumcised later in life because he accidentally tore his foreskin during activities. Looked a little funny half-cocked like that.

Yes. My friend had his son circumcised here in Taiwan about 2 years ago but the doctor said the kid had to be at least 6 months old before they could perform surgery.

It is known.

Phimosis and Paraphimosis.

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My son had to be done as his foreskin was to tight, we made fun of saying he was being Customised :grinning:
He was 3 years old I did feel sorry for him was done on Christmas Eve, he was in a lot of pain over Christmas holiday.

Helluva Christmas gift.

We had our son circumcised here. I think the head of surgery (or pediatrics?) did it. It was not a big deal but is also not common. It was one of a gazillion issues we read up on with a newborn and we just made the best decision we could (as I remember we discussed hygiene, future risk for STDs, possibilities of surgical problems, and culture).

Can you share where your son got circumcised and with which doctor? We are in Taipei and looking for a dr with experience.

I think it was done by the head of pediatrics at Sinkong Hospital in Shihlin, but it’s been quite a while. I think Taipei pediatricians probably have experience doing it, especially if they did any training in the US.