Do not post discussion topics in Forumosafieds

Hi everyone. The Forumosafieds section is for people who want to post classified-style ads in order to buy or sell goods and services. Lately it seems a lot of people have been posting to forumosafieds without paying attention to the forum name. This is against the rules and I’m getting tired of removing misplaced topics from this side of the forums. We have an open forum for topics that don’t fit one of our categories but it is imperative that you pay attention when starting a new topic.

If you are unsure of where to post, PM one of us mods or admins, or double check all forum names. The rules of the Forumosifieds section are below and are pinned to the top of every topic posted here.

This topic will be closed and pinned. Feedback should be posted to the feedback forum.

Thank you for your co-operation.