Do patients have any legal recourse against Dr.s?

Recently had a baby here and was treated with MUCH distane by nurses and my Dr. I had been seeing this Dr. for the last 6 months of my pregnancy and had lots of questions but was mostly just blown off. (We were reluctant to change Drs because this one has great English and because I was already 6 months pregnant when we realised he was going to be a bit difficult to work with.) He advised me to make a birth plan for when I delivered my child. I did this with my Taiwanese husband. To make things simpler for everyone, it stated in Chinese a list of PREFERENCES and asked to be informed of any procedure or medications used.

The nurses, apparently, took this as an insult–being told how to do their job by a know-it-all foreigner. They were hostile from the moment we handed them the paper. I tried to tell the Dr. about this, but he would not listen. The nurses took three days to induce my laybor (I had pre-eclampsia) and then, I believe deliberatly, flooded my system with labor inducing drugs. My child was forced sideways into my pelvis and a c-section was needed. My child is now suffering a birth injury that causes him not to be able to hold his head straight and which will require therapy. I’ve been assured by two Drs that this injury was caused directly by the way my labor and birth was handled.

I would like to sue. Is this possible in this land of “Dr. God?”

Sorry this is so lengthy and detailed.