Do people traveling from the USA have to quarantine?

Wego has exercise equipment and hot tubs in rooms.



Do they have ceiling mirrors?

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Of course. You have to see yourself when you’re exercising. Helps maintain good form.

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Ha, I’ve actually been in that room.

A super-low-effort search on turned up this place in the Linkou district of New Taipei City. 2 weeks in a massive room with great amenities for USD $1125, seems legit.

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Are you sure it’s a government designated quarantine hotel?

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Do you have to stay at a designated quarantine hotel? I was under the impression that you could stay anywhere as long as you don’t leave and you’re not around other people.

Unless you have a residence that you can safely quarantine in, you have to stay at a designated quarantine hotel:

It’s also true that you cannot share a room with your partner at a quarantine hotel.

(I called the government hotline and that’s what I was told.)


My brother came back earlier this month and he had to be quarantined in a hotel for 14 days. He had symptoms that were found in covid patients (he tested negative). But not sure if it’s the same for people without symptoms. They’re really strict on quarantine though, so don’t go anywhere cause they will call you daily.

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Is it your understanding that a hotel room does not count as a “residence” under this ordinance?

It’s not just my understanding – it’s according to the person I talked to on the government hotline. He said that if I tried to stay at a non-quarantine hotel, I’d cause everyone who comes in contact with me being quarantined, and I will be fined NT$150,000.

When Taiwanese citizens are required to stay at quarantine hotels, which are more expensive than regular hotels, if their homes are deemed unsuitable for quarantine, what makes you think foreigners are exempt?

Please note unsuitable means you do not have a separate room and a separate bathroom from the rest of the household, so that other residents can avoid having contact with you at all times.

And no Mahjong games!

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We mahjong fanatics are quite inventive


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Interesting, there are a few posters that say one can stay at an Airbnb as well and are doing so. Would that fall under “a residence that you can safely quarantine in”? Is quarantine now 14 + 7 days? There are supposedly Airbnb listings that say quarantine as well, so maybe they have cleared things officially?

Need to call someone in the government for a question like this. Things are changing so much all the time and you’ll just get conflicting information on forumosa. I don’t know what number to call but I’m sure it would be easy to track down.

It’s working fine. We are looking at a number of Air B’n’B places where people (Taiwanese returnees) are doing their quarantine right now. And also just private rentals.

Re the government person that someone spoke to above that thought differently — that’s not surprising. Government officials everywhere sometimes have trouble keeping up with the rules.

To find quarantine-friendly Air B’n’B places in Taipei, Google exactly this:
台北 “居家”

Cool, thanks for the search hint! You want 居家檢疫, right? Cause there are a few 居家辦公. I will check with the official source when it’s time for me to quarantine

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Has someone called 1922 lately?