Do schools have to pay the same to all their foreign teachers?

Being hired for the same job, are there any regulations that say that a school should pay the same to their foreign teachers or any collective bargaining agreement that stipulates the foreign teacher salary according to their educational background? Cheers.

Some schools have a pay grid. The government has one online for public schools. My experience with private schools is that you bargain every contract and everyone makes a different salary

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Ah, yeah, I was actually thinking of public schools, what about part-time? I know the pay for local teachers is 320, 360, 400 (Elementary, middle school, high school) an hour (actually 40, 45, and 50 minutes respectively) but I don’t know if there’s any regulation for foreigners, if it’s up to the school paying that minimum wage they pay the locals or much more, or if they’re supossed to pay the same to all their foreign teachers.

No. You bargain

Ok, thanks for answering

You can bargain with a public school gig? I didn’t know that. I thought the salaries were fixed by the MOE.

They can always pay you more, for example, what they receive from the government plus what the parents association want to add

No, and few do.


Some schools pay a little more if the teacher has more experience or higher education, but it’s their own policy.

Nationwide? For foreign teachers? I’ve seen vastly different amounts offered for public school jobs.

I don’t think that happens.

No, he said government schools as responding to my last point then went on to talk about part time in the private schools. Public schools don’t hire part time.

They are.

Yes, some individual cities alter it slightly, but it’s generally the same. The majority of counties and smaller cities use the FET program which has standardized pay

You damn right salaries are fixed by me.

Public schools do hire part time but you need to have a work permit.

It happened to me twice already, so yes, they can always add whatever they want but I don’t think it happnes often

I’m almost certain this goes against the rules. You need a teaching certification to teach in a public school and I’m pretty sure they only hire full time Just because one school does this, it doesn’t mean it’s legal. The labor board might have an issue. But someone could correct me.