Do you always have your meal on time?

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Well,do you always have your meal on time?
Or how do you have your meal on time as possible as you can?

When you say “on time”, do you mean at the same time every day?

I think that’s what he means. And the answer for me is “No”. I don’t like it to be structured.

Lived with my grandfather for about 4 or 5 months once and dinner was always ready at like 5 pm every night when I came home. Drove me nuts. Good of him to do it, but I think he was just used to some sort of military lifestyle. He wasn’t strict or anything, but geez. 5 is way too early for me. Both my parents worked when I was growing up and eating anywhere near that time just didn’t happen. They were usually too tired to get everything ready, etc.

Never the same time.

Well,maybe I should’nt use “on time.”
I mean having meal around same time everyday.

Well,Like,some people have their dinner at different time everyday.Sometimes it’s over11pm (which I don’t think it’s the time for dinner)sometimes it maybe 7pm.
We are taught it’s not good for health ,especially your stomach.

A good time = your physical exercise + your stomach

So it differs from person to person, depending on their personal schedule. I worked second shift (and occasionally third shift, horrors!) as a prole back in Arkansas, U.S.A., plenty of times. Your physical rhythms get strangulated living that kind of lifestyle. But that’s the kind of physical lifestyle that hundreds of millions of people have to deal with all over the world. What can you do? I snacked a lot…that’s what lots of people do. Usually the snacks are just junk food…not good for you. But you have to snack a lot to survive those kinds of workshifts.

And to answer your question, the answer is no. I am partially diabetic (it’s a totally genetic condition, inherited from both sides of my family, no fault of my own) so whenever my blood sugar is low, I must eat. Or drink. I have to drink water 24/7 just to survive.

A proletarian?

I agree about the physical rhythms thing. I had constant trouble sleeping, taped my curtains shut and all that, but still never got used to sleeping during the daytime. But I could only manage food once during my shift though…we got fed exactly one hour after we started because the kitchen closed at midnight. Even that was kind of tough and my stomach would turn and grumble. But some of the guys and gals I worked with ate lots of snacks, drank coffee and soda, and took constant smoke breaks…way more than normal. I just focused on my work.

But it was worth it because I saved up for college. And fortunately or unfortunately, I no longer have problems eating.

For a family, I think regularity of meal time is a good idea. Gets everyone together on a regular basis so you can plan your schedule accordingly.
We ‘sort of’ eat breakfast together - mornings can be a bit rushed sometimes. Lunch - wife at her work, kiddo at his skul and me usually around 12 - 1300 here at home. Supper is pretty standard @ 6:30 - 7 p.m. each night. Week-ends are a crap shoot.
For the single folks, I think some kind of regular feeding schedule is good for the body. But flexibility is often required.

And yeah…growing up, supper was on the table @ 5:00 p.m. every night Mon - Fri.

Some of family still have the rule that every member of this family have to go home before the dinner time.
Because it is the time that family can get together for talking or something after a busy day.