Do you get mad when

…you are asked to do something that is not part of your everyday job (like choreograph
of the classes’ Christmas songs), but you do it anyway and then the other teacher changes it!
Oh, it could make me hate Christmas! Why didn’t you do it yourself in the first place if your ideas are so great!

Reading your post was an unwelcome flashback to Christmases past (00 & 01).

You’re not alone.

At least, the changes are happening now and not a day or two before the show. Who knew yuletide cheer could be so stressful?

That’s why you have to make it extra obvious that you’re a slacker early in the semester so they don’t bother asking you. :laughing:

Or you could be a slacker and just download some stuff off the net or something.

You could always teach the kids to do something shocking mid-show. Of course, you run the risk of getting the old pink slip for it… :laughing:

Costume reveal?

Q. How many directors does it take to change a light bulb?

A. 1. But they keep changing it.

Yeah I did that back in 2000. I got my kids to do a graduation skit using Monty Python’s I like Chinese song. … inese.html

Some of the parents knew me and thought it was a nice bit of satire. But it was aimed at the English Director. She didn’t understant it at first… lol

TW bosses hate the fact that they actually have to pay you 500NT or more per hour for what they see as being an easy job. so they try to squeeze water froma stone. squeeze you until you are no more. then they come back again and try to get water vapor from you.

JUST SAY NO!! i’m busy. when they ask you if you’re free, say you have a class at shr da. you’re studying chinese reading. blah blah. you home stay with an old chinese lady. whatever.
don’t be dumb or you’ll be milked!!!