Do you get your facts from Alex Jones and the likes?

Do you get your facts from Alex Jones and the likes?
  • Yes
  • No

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You should add ‘Are you kidding’!

i assume everyone who answers ‘yes’ is kidding


That’s you, some people might think otherwise.

Only my alternative facts.


Only my water filters and male vitality supplements


I caught them once
Alex Jones and the Likes band
Lots of cover songs

The Yeses are increasing! Wow, that’s incredible!

Because it’s science
Like one of them Fox News polls
Written in concrete!

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I use Alex Jones to fact check my conspiracy theories.

But seriously, who are the likes? Tucker Carlson is definitely part of that list, who else?

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Tucker Carlson
Steph Molyneux
Alex Jones
Glenn Beck
Rush Limbaugh
Ann Coulter
Michelle Malkin, most of the NY Post opinion page
Gutfeld, the Fox editorial page
WSJ Climate Deniers, Lindzen et Al
Peter Navarro

Just cracking the top 10-12 first rounders here, on the bubble Ben Shapiro and that Intellectual Dark Web mob

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I agree, the reason I put Carlson definitively on that list, is because both him and Jones have actually argued in court that they play characters on TV that reasonable people would not take seriously. :sweat_smile:

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My favourite Alex Jones conspiracy theory is this one. With friends like these, who needs CoIntelPro?

Equating Ayyan Hirsi Ali, Jonathan Haidt, and others who are associated with the IDW with Ben Shapiro (also on Wikipedia’s list of associated figures) and Alex Jones just tells everyone here that you don’t know what you’re talking about. But, most of us have learned that anyways.


I think he understands perfectly fine. They’re all bad-faith, and intellectually dishonest.

And all people nobody should be getting their news from, if one actually wants to be informed.

They’re all very good at telling people what to think though, and for people who don’t like to form their own opinions, I can understand the appeal. :brain:


Nihilistic, attacking the public sector (wink wink), attacks on government, all rely heavily on stereotypes, conspiratorial, fear mongering, casting doubt on civic structures, caustic, dog-whistley, grifter-friendly, anti-intellectual, red-baiting, and one more common theme that can only be referred to obliquely.

In other words, critical race theory. Because Haidt and Pinker, for example, are none of these things.

Bari Weiss, the Weinstein brothers, Sam Harris, Ben Shapiro, Pinker, Haidt… Oh, I see. That’s awful.


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