Do you have Monday off?

My wife has Monday off from work. She claims May 1 is an official holiday in Taiwan and because it falls on Sunday her employer is required to give them Monday off. She claims banks will also be closed on Monday.

My employer is not giving the day off and I wasn’t aware taht May 1 is a holiday in Taiwan, although I think I recall having heard that it is in China.

How about you?

No holiday for me :frowning: , though I’m sure it does count towards a day off at some other time.

It is a holiday for a lot of people in Taiwan.

My employer just announced we must work on Monday. My wife said it is against the work law here and is nagging with the boss now and told me to prepare to get fired. I quickly got myself a red flag and am singing the “Internationale” to fight back this mean attack on workers rights.



It’s NOT an official (public) holiday, it’s only a “banking holiday” (so the part of banks closing is correct).

The first of May is not a public holiday in Taiwan but of course companies (like your wife’s) may choose to give a day off if/when they seem fit.

I have the option of taking Monday off or taking a day off later in the year. Sweet.

Here’s the Central Personnel Administration’s web site where you can take a peek into the official taiwanese working calendar for each year. May 1st is what they call a “Particular Paries Holiday”. What this actually means doesn’t seem to be generally defined but is left up to the responsible agency for the branch in question. Article 3 of the “Implementation Program for the Civil Servants’ Five- Day Week” states that

, deferred days being holidays that fall on a Saturday or Sunday and that in other cases may be granted on another (working) day, which is why they are also known as “make up days” … I’m working too though … :s

[quote=“bob_honest”]My employer just announced we must work on Monday. . . I quickly got myself a red flag and am singing the “Internationale” to fight back this mean attack on workers rights.



God bless you Comrade Bob. :notworthy:

We must fight the capitalist overlords in every venue: office buildings, KTV parlors, corner 7-11s and stinky-tofu stands. As long as there are oppressive employers who will exploit the labor of hard-working citizens, in violation of national labor laws, international norms and the most basic principals of humanity, so they may ride behind tinted windows in the back seats of luxury cars, purchased with the blood and sweat of the common man, we must give them not a moment of peace; we must attack them wherever they may be, make them feel like cornered beasts wherever they may move.

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Only bankers are laborers. No one else labors like we do. That’s why only we get a holiday :stuck_out_tongue:

God Dragonbones, you are such a gigantic banker :laughing:

As long as public is in session I have to work.

But, thanks for the info about banks closing. I had not heard that.

[quote=“Mother Theresa”]

God bless you Comrade Bob. :notworthy:

Hasta la victoria siempre!


Psssssst… not so loud, or Fred will find me here!

BTW: we won, Monday is off now. :astonished:

It started like that in my last company, and 1 year later I was work council member. But thx God this is not possible here!

I get off on Monday. I mean, er, never mind. We were only told about it at 5pm on Friday so obviously it was impossible to arrange any sort of long weekend.

I haven’t heard anything, so I guess I have to work on Monday. Don’t bother me though.

If that’s true, why didn;t we get New Years Day off? It fell on a weekend and was not made up by a weekday off.

Same with Christmas Day (Constitution Day).

In an effort to improve relations with the Vatican, the DPP banned Christmas.

We don’t get days in lieu. The government reckons Taiwanese people don’t deserve time off. And the legislators get paid NT$400,000 a month to do nothing anyway, apart from fight, swear and throw food, so I don’t see any change in the status quo.

constitution day became an “unholiday” holiday when the work week changed from 6 days to 5 (or 5.5 for some people). random holidays suddenly weren’t days off anymore.

No, but I work a grand total of two hours on Mondays anyway. So it’s nearly a day off regardless.

My kids are supposed to go to school on Monday…My employees pulled the book (and we did not red it), so they are off.

I don’t get it, 1st May is Labor day, and then you better do your parade on May 1st., even if it is a Sunday.

We non-laborers, we barbecue, cut the grass and ignore you…

Happy now??

I had monday off, hence me not coming onto Forumosa until today, wat a great holiday, KOTOR2 and movies all day long, woke up at noon :slight_smile:

labour day should be a working day for everybody