Do you know any Canadian companies which have a branch in Taiwan?

Hello Forumosa,

Do you know any Canadian companies which have a branch in Taiwan?

I will be graduating really soon and my short-term goal is to work in a Canadian company. Why Canada though you might ask? My long-term plan is to move to Canada (hopefully permanently) through an internal transfer, get a work permit & PR, and then become a citizen (there’s also the Canadian education route but it’s more time-consuming and vastly more expensive).

I’m an Indonesian student and have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and soon, a master’s degree in Information Management. I’m looking for a job in the IT industry, in the database/big data field, getting two years or more of working in the technical side of things under the belt before moving to the project/management/business side of things.

Maybe contact the chamber of commerce or trade office.

I know Bombardier makes train for Taiwan. I assume they have some sort of office as well.

What about skilled worker? It doesn’t seem that hard as long as you can gain the required points.

But are you sure you want to immigrate to Canada? I hear job opportunities are really limited and cost of living can be high. The US is much better as far as job opportunities are concerned. But the US doesn’t really have a point based immigration pathway… It’s all internal transfers (L1 visa) or lottery based if you have a job offer (H1B). If that’s the case you can try working with American companies instead.


That’s a good point. Is the OP aware of how immigration would work for him and the pathways to take? And how viable these pathways are to him?

I should also mention that H1B quota is set far below demand intentionally. So even if you have a firm job offer your chances of actually getting H1B is like 50 50.

I do!

There’s the federal skilled worker program, Canadian experience program, provincial nominee program, the Atlantic program, and also, Quebec has its own pathway.

For me, the FSW program is the least expensive pathway, although getting a job through the work permit that I can get by getting a Canadian Master’s degree is definitely a more secure pathway, but it’s more expensive.

I’ve calculated the points I need through the federal skilled worker program, and without a valid job offer, I’m a few points behind the minimum required. And as for the US, it’s definitely enticing, but I heard healthcare is super expensive over there

You are going to want that job offer in any case, because otherwise it’s hard to find any other work except taxi driver. There’s a reason why a ton of skilled worker ends up working as a taxi driver once they got there, even with phD’s and all that.

I cant speak for immigration process. But as a canadian and always checking there with all my family there. There is a lot of work. Tons of work. Whether its what the poster wants is up to him/her to research, but canada largely has a worker shortage. Pay is good. But the cost of living is high, this is absolutely true.

Gaining residency and eventual citizenship in Canada via working in Taiwan? The best I can say is that this is an unusual route to this goal. :neutral_face:



What about Horny Tim’s (Tim Hortons)? Know they have expanded into China. Have they opened in Taiwan yet?

Personally, I think the food and coffee are very average (but guess that matches the country of origin :laughing:). Interesting that Horton died driving intoxicated 2X the legal limit. Surprised in today’s woke culture that Canadians have not raged against the machine lol and tried to rename.
Tim Horton - Wikipedia


Tim Horton’s does not operate in Taiwan.


Of course the process of gaining the permanent residency starts when I start working in Canada, not when in Taiwan lol. It’s just if I got into a Canadian company, there’s a chance (maybe little) for an internal transfer to the Canadian branch/office.

Them opening in china is easily worse than drunk driving. Canada only has facebook wokeness. It doesnt run deep enough to dare mess with Big Hockey.

Or against their sacred politcos. Tommy Douglas for example…voted as the greatest Canuckistaner. Don’t mess with hockey or socialism :laughing: :laughing:

Tommy Douglas’s enthusiasm for eugenics being airbrushed by Canadians: MD | National Post

Are you saying tim hortens opened in china because they have respect for the CCPs world wide accepted eugenics methods?

Ha Ha. No. I am agreeing with you in terms of woke culture. Hockey and politicians seem to be off limits. Tim Horton died driving drunk and Douglas had very nasty ideas on the rights of homosexuals and people he deemed abnormal.

Both are celebrated as heroes and yet the woke crowd tear down statues of John A, our first PM.