Do You Know Anyone Flying to Toronto?

See post somewhere below. Thanks.

We will also need a person who is willing to take suka as excess bagage to canada as soon as possible. I will have details soon of where in Canada he is going. Please PM me if you are going to canada any time soon and would be willing to take suka. We would arrange everything of course and you would only need to be there at check in and help us get him off at the other end where there will be people to come and pick him up.

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Hi, all.

We’re still trying to find someone who is flying to Toronto, Ontario, soon, as we have a rescued husky flying that way who needs an ‘escort’.

The process is safe and easy, and Animals Taiwan will take care of all the paperwork, costs, and logistics.

If you, or someone you know, can help, please email me at (delete the X’s) or call Brandy on 02 2833 8820, 10 am until 6 pm.

Can’t wait to see this young dog in his new Canadian foster home.

Thank you!


I changed the title of the thread to reflect you latest post, but this is the appropriate forum for it. Sure, the Open Forum gets more visitors, but if we allow all posts to go to the Open Forum because it gets more views, why have different forums at all?

Anyway, the title change should alert people to what’s going on.

But the post is to find someone flying to Toronto, not someone who’s only interested in pets and other animals, rescues and adoptions. If it was to take a cake to my mother on her birthday, would it have to go in the food forum?

Did you get my PMs about a contact within the Canadian Society, Maoman?

We’re still looking for someone to escort Suka to his great new foster home in Toronto - let me know if you, or someone you know, can help.

Thank you!