Do you need an ARC to obtain a 50CC / 125CC Scooter License

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I’ve heard from many sources, including Taiwan govt websites, that a car license is OK for 50cc, though you might have to get an International permit to back up your national license. 50cc might be underpowered for the mountains.

I have only a UK car license currently, but hired a 125cc scooter (300NT/day) in Tainan without any formalities. Probably this was not legal, and I’m sure I wasn’t insured. For the odd day-trip though, you might consider it an acceptable risk. It might be an idea to check that your personal health insurance will cover you for any m/c injuries.

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thanks Ducked I’ve been reading the Taipei City Goverment Motor Vehicles Office

and it seems that if you want a Taiwan R.O.C Non-Professional Drivers License then you need an ARC quote Original and A.R.C. (with validity of over one year) plus a photocopy [/quote].

On the section How to apply for an international driving license permit ?

it mentions you need 3 things

and that


The maximum period of validity for a driving permit of international driving license is one year. If the period of validity of the original international driving license of Alien Residence Certificate is less than one year, the expiration date of the driving permit of international driving license will be the same date of whichever expires first. [/quote]

Checking that the UK is on the Reciprocating Countries for international driving license permit (visa) my question is will this International Driving License Permit be identicle to my UK Driving License, ie Cars and Scooters under 50CC. If so is it possible to take the test’s to drive 125CC on an International Driving Permit. I assume that this permits means I would not need to take a test to ride <50cc.


If so is it possible to take the test’s to drive 125CC on an International Driving Permit. I assume that this permits means I would not need to take a test to ride <50cc.[/quote]

Short answer:dunno; But I THINK its (a) No, you need an ARC, and (b) You are correct in your assumption, respectively.

Someone else on here is bound to have direct experience of this. :help:

You definitely need an ARC to get any kind of locally-issued license. As for an international driving license issued in your “home country”, it’s valid here for a month but you have to get an official bit of paper stuck in it within that first month if you want to drive it any longer.

Now there are two things I don’t know about the IDL. The first is the validity of a car license for riding a 50cc bike. Your IDL probably states that it’s OK. But as I believe locally-issued car licenses are no longer valid for riding a 50, I’m not sure whether an IDL would be. You’ll have to ask at the DMV office.

The second thing is that I’m not sure whether you can even get the IDL validated with that bit of paper if you don’t have an ARC. I just got mine validated and I had to show them my ARC. What I don’t know is whether showing a passport would be enough for someone who didn’t have an ARC.

I suggest that when you go to the office you take along your documents that show you’re studying Chinese, and maybe go with a friend who speaks good Chinese, if you don’t.

I don’t have an ARC, am making runs out of the country at least every 60 days since I have to travel anyways.

I have an International Drivers Permit from the US, will I be able to get it stamped without an ARC?