Do you own a Tern? Why or why not?

While researching what folding bicycle to buy for a bike around Batam Island (Indonesia) I briefly looked into getting a Tern.

Pluses seemed to be design and quality. Downsides: inability to get parts when I am in Vietnam etc. Kind of like owning a Macintosh computer?

BTW, I am an urban bicyclist. I ended up buying a cheapo and giving it away in Singapore. But the folding bike concept appeals to me as I could carry my city transport wherever I go in Asia. Thing is I usually use trains and buses and don’t know how practical a folding lux bike would be in the third world. I don’t live in bicycle-friendly (?) East Asia.

Coming to Taiwan at which time I will shop around for a good second-hand high quality folding bicycle. Tern comes to mind, but there might be better choices.

Jeez man Taiwan is the worlds major source of quality folding bikes.

I welcome opinions and experiences on this or that brand, or in general why a Tern (or alternatively NOT)

I like my new Tern Link C7 but after a bit of distance riding wish it had 24" wheels. Bought it at a Giant store.

How much did u bought ur tern at giant store?


How about this thing? … g7cjpg.jpg

I have tried many folding bikes, but their small wheels and lack of shocks just doesn’t do it for me at all.

Q: Do you own a Tern?

Q: Why not?
I don’t like the ride quality of folding bikes, and the full-sized bikes from Tern are among the heaviest I’ve ever tried (with a price tag that makes no sense)

I am thinking of buying a Tern HSD Cargo Bike. I am a bit put off at how not very easy it is seems to be to buy it in Taiwan (maybe I simply need to try harder) – most of the Taipei dealers listed on the Tern website do not seem to carry Cargo bikes. I have been biking mostly around Shihlin and Daan Districts and I realize I have not see many (any, actually) Terns on the street since CNY. In the past 2 years, I have seen a family using a Tern Cargo bikes once, and I have seen Lutetia Bakeries Tern bikes a couple times on the street.

Is there something I am missing that should make me think twice about getting a Cargo bike? I’m getting it primarily because my kid has outgrown the childseat ilonnour regular bike. He is old enough to bike to school on his own but I like us riding together – and I also want to hold off getting a car as long as possible.

This might be an older GSD model. This picture shows the Clubhouse accessory, which allows 2 kids up to 10yo to ride

I have asked a friend who manufactures and exports from Taiwan . Will let you know if there is a viable alternative , or the best way to get that bike in Taiwan.

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I finally made it to one of the bike dealers listed on Tern’s website (an earlier attempt ended up in my learning the hard way that the bike shop had long-since closed). They were unequivocal: Tern Cargo bikes are not sold in Taiwan. They even explained further that I should expect it to take 3 months for me to order one from abroad and bring it in.

I will reach out to Lutetia Bakery and ask about their experience, too.

Have a look at these:

Friend of mine has one and he takes his daughter on it. You can rig a seat to the front with a seat belt…it’s not folding but they have some different sizes.

If interested you can purchase here, ask for “Jack”: