Do you prefer men who have brains or nitwits?

And still people ask why there’s a need for a women’s forum…


For fun, maybe a nitwit, but for life, definitely someone with a brain. Come to think of it, make that for fun too. I can’t stand idiots.

I don’t know any wo/man who would want their man to be a nitwit. Willingly. The only scenario I can think of at all is if the man is exTREMEly loaded and the wo/man bears his nitwittedness because of his pocketbook.

Yes, at times a woman wants to be seen as a sexual beast, but that can’t be all the time. Wait, I think this is in the wrong thread. Oops…

Dunno 'bout that. My wife seems to like me OK most of the time.

Men and Nits go hand in hand, quick witted men are hard to find though