Do you smoke? Do you take prescription drugs? Questions in pre-job interview questionnaire

I have a job interview coming up with a private school and they sent me a pre-interview questionnaire. These are word-for-word from the document.

Do you use any prescription drugs or medication? If so, what do you take it for? (This is also to make sure we can accommodate your needs)

Do you smoke?

Anybody else think this is entirely irrelevant and inappropriate to ask in a pre-interview questionnaire? Big red-flag from the school?

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Be lucky they don’t ask your blood type, like some big Japanese firms would (still?) do?


Totally irrelevant. Although I could see this going either way…

Not only irrelevant but also illegal! Especially your medical situation.


They ask for “accommodations”, it seems like if you need it and don’t disclose it, it maybe can backfire on you later?

Accommodations can be met afterwards. They simply want to avoid having to do any at all.


What’s the purpose of that?

I loved smoking when I did, I also still think it’s cool and can wear mask under your chin if you do.

Didn’t like my bronchial tract so I stopped- or would have been taking prescription drugs - Ventolin etc.

Yeah I think they have a right to know.

Fair enough.

Only asked because it’s illegal to ask these kinds of questions in my home country. I have no idea about the laws surrounding this in Taiwan though.

Also be lucky they dont drug test you all the time here like they do in places like the usa.

Whether or not legal, i completely understand not wanting smokers on the force. Perhaps if they are willing to come early, strip nude and have solvents sprayed on them to remove the pathogens carried by the tobacco, all the while paying for said procedure and also not smoke the entire duration of the days shift. Also signing a waiver that the company wont hold them responsible for health issues caused by disinfection, which i would assume is likely. do this day in day out with costs differred to them…i would hire a smoker. Otherwise, its easier to hire someone.that wouldnt cause the company catostrophe. Granted thats extreme for a biological supply company. i cant even eat tomatoes or peppers on site, and beed to clean up if i do. cant take a shit on premise if eating said plants. Etc. Regarldess of work type, i think no smoke breaks would be an absolute requirement and also be able to keep up the pace with withdrawal attitudes. smokers are hard to handle unless the jobs allow smoking without loss of work efficiency (eg, road construction).

If its teaching i also agree with not hiring smokers on the principles of not wanting.the kids to see or smell bad habits. Should be fair to allow people to smoke on personal time, and also fair if employers dont want to hire smokers. smokin is a choice, not a condition. as are most drugs. just dont do them between work hours and dont show up if not ready to perform. in any job.

Medical conditions (not narcotic addictions) are different.


No, they don’t. It’s none of their business. It’s your personal stuff. If it interferes with you doing your job, they can fire you.
How would you handle these questions:
Do you have cancer or any other terminal disease?
Are you married? If so, have you ever had sex outside of that relationship?
Do you like taking drugs? Which is your favorite?
They’re the same.


Well if I know up front I won’t employ them then I wouldn’t need to fire them.

Plus I wouldn’t employ someone with a terminal disease.

The other two I would reply comical manner as it’s a joke question.

My liberalism died long time ago.

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Many Japanese and Taiwanese think your blood type gives some deep insight to your character.

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Unethical and illegal.



Hey, at least they’re being upfront and honest about it so you don’t have to bear around the bushes.

I can at least understand employers not wanting people who smoke in a teaching role with underage children.

How about the question about prescription medication though?

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Why? As long as they don’t smoke near them or encourage them to smoke, wash their hands and use breath mints, what’s the harm?

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Yup, exactly. Thats why i said “Medical conditions (not narcotic addictions) are different.”

There are far too many different circumstances and conditions to have a one rule fits all.

For example , a person with HIV i would hire to do construction, be a sales rep, office worker etc. Wouldnt make a difference. I wouldnt hire them to be a phlebotomist or conduct surgeries.

Not always… :grandpa:

Just fyi (if you haven’t noticed), the trend seems to be a gradual shift towards “addiction is a disability ergo it requires accommodation like any other disability”. There’s a lot that could be said about this, but it is whatever it is.


This is for a school? They sound like they’re trying to run a dodgy pharmacy on the side.