Do you still go to movie theaters? Tell me about the last movie you watched in the movie theaters


I didn’t watch “it”. Was it scary?


I go during the day so there’s no one. I avoid weekend evenings. But All of the movie theaters play movies with Italian voice overs near me except one that’s a hour away and plays it in English ones a week so I don’t go much. I went in London last week. It’s probably why Italians suck at English, surprisingly might be worse than Taiwanese. All of the shows and movies are voiced over.


Are there many European movies in the cinemas there? I thought the American movies were all in English with Italian subtitles like other countries. I like European movies. I try to watch the Scandinavian ones. Of course, they need English subtitles. Because I have no idea about any single Scandinavian words. Unfortunately, I can’t find many European movies in cinemas in Taiwan.


Idk. I don’t go. Italians voice over in Italian for everything.


Nope. I go to (cheapo 2nd run) “cinemas”, where I watch (cheapo 2nd run)“films”

Last 2: “Battle Angel” (fairly predictable CGI schlok)

“Aftermath”, sort of ditto, though quite nicely done, and the GF liked it.

The snag with films about that (fascinating) time and place is that The Third Man has already been made, and its a very, very tough act to follow.


Shoot, looks like I may have missed the window for Pet Sematary.


Costco has some decent ones.


Samsung 65in curved TV, surround sound, comfy lounger, snacks, lights out.


I saw that. You didn’t miss much. The basic story is almost identical, with a tiny change (spoiled in the trailer, if you saw it). Then the ending is different but isn’t as good as the original book/movie endings. Still creepy but not really worth it.


It’s hard to see a movie after you have a kid the first few years. At least movies you want to see. Last movie I saw in theaters was ‘Logan’ over two years ago. Until now I’ve just waited until everything floated to NetFlix or iTunes. But the ‘Avengers: End Game’ hype finally got to me. My wife said she’ll set aside this Friday afternoon for me to finally see it, while she watches our two year old. Maybe that sounds lame to those who haven’t had children and still know the sweet taste of freedom, but that to me is a major victory I’ll savor. :smirk:


I saw Us by Jordan Peele. Fun, weird movie

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Just kidding. Those things were commonplace back in the day we had two movies for 100 NTD.


I go to the theater probably 3 to 4 times a year now. The last film I saw was Us.


Not very often, anymore. Writing is getting worse, in general, and dramas are going to TV or streaming services. The last one I saw was Solo: A Star Wars Story (for reasons of nostalgia). It was just okay, but better than the pooch-screws that were VII & VIII.


Awesome. You’ll love it. And at least you’ll have diapers to choose from.


Ambassador Theaters have churros. If they were filled with chocolate or dulce de leche they would be awesome.


Not the last movie in a theatre, but the last I recall watching in Taiwan was Inglourious Bastards. It was subtitled in Chinese and a young Taiwanese couple was sitting behind me. I was laughing throughout the movie and the young girl asked the guy (in Chinese).
Her:“Why is the foreigner laughing?”
Him: “I don’t know, I don’t think its a comedy. He’s probably drunk. All foreigners are drunk.”
To which I only laughed harder!


I remember they did this for a local movie, took it on tour to the communities. Set it up like those open air temple performances, only that it was a showing of a movie.

I think it was for Taiwan from above, though it could have been Kano or Cape number 7.


I went to a 蚊子電影院 here once. Let’s just say it was very appropriately named. It was my first and last time.

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Last time I was in a theater? I was at Huashan SPOT in Taipei seeing Our Youth in Taiwan (我們的青春,在台灣), the headline-grabbing winner of Best Documentary at the Golden Horse Film Festival: