Do you think Taiwan has more luxury cars than other places?

Don’t really know but seems strange that in the old rundown neighborhood in the countryside where my in-laws live there are alot of expensive cars driven by young people and old farts without jobs. As they speed by the house my in-laws usually know who they are so they tell us their financial troubles but do not know out where they get the money for the fancy cars.

It’s a Lamborghini it’s not supposed to blend in!

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Do they come from Yunlin or Changhua?
A lot of rich industrialist families in those places, even though the areas can look almost third world.

They are in Yunlin. But these families are far from rich. Yes, there are some wealthier families who made some money and buy a new car for those living back home.

What bother me is how snooty they become once they have their nice car. When I drive to my in-laws we have to ask the nice fancy Benz to move so we can park in front of the house. She will move but not happy about it as she has to park behind our house about a 100 meters from her house. Her son bought the car for her. No apologies for parking her car right at our front door which means all visitors have to squeeze in somewhere else…including the guy who parks his very nice motorcycle right next to the house (to avoid rain)…and also not happy when we ask him to move.

This is the same as the UK, except the “poor” people also have luxury cars that they have leased and pay through the nose monthly for.

A car is a very poor thing to judge someones wealth/success on, so I wouldn’t read into it too much from a social development point of view, apart from that a lot of good cars are getting scrapped in favour of the new and shiny

Actually in UK at the moment really cheap used cars are appreciating slightly in value as people return their lease/company cars due to the economic disaster from covid here

Singapore has a similar issue. Like HK, a ton of semi-luxury to ridiculously expensive luxury cars. Taiwan has a lot more than I’m used to seeing (especially of the latter), but still less than HK and Singapore.


What is up with this practice? Rich people with expensive cars at my local co-op do exactly the same thing—and appear utterly undisturbed doing so. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Also another difference is, people in Taiwan don’t drive unless they want to drive, and have the money to drive, or drives for a living. So already driving is a luxury. So it stands to reason those who can afford to drive will buy better cars.

In America you have to drive, or you are not going anywhere. So over there anything that works is driven.


Yeah, that is true even more in Singapore and HK.

speaking of luxury cars… Why do people have car alarms that goes off if you so much as put a feather on it?

Thing goes off every 5 minutes for no reason. Keeps people up because it keeps going off late at night.

If the thing goes off all the time how is it going to prevent theft? It’s like the boy who cried wolf…

Times like this I wish I had one of these…

No luxury cars will survive this.

Yeah…no shit!

A luxury tank couldn’t survive an FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missle!

The rules are for the rabble.

Not just rules. How about some basic courtesy—a concept that seems utterly foreign to them.


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Yes they have no culture of manners.

I was just outside the Carrefour in ximen, and I heard some loud swearing. I saw a tow truck tow away a silver Porsche. Probably for illegal parking.

Sounds very poetic.

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This I do not understand. They do have a car park, so no need to street park.

What’s not to understand? Taiwanese people do not like to pay for parking and rich Taiwanese people are super obnoxious about not paying for it.

Haven’t you seen all the Benz and BMW parked on the street? They can afford a fancy car, an expensive condo and they certainly can afford parking their fancy cars in their condo’s underground parking garage, but they would rather park illegally on the street for free.

Disgusting behavior in a very long list of bad behaviors.

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Ferrari and Lambo are not for driving , they are for showing off on the blvd, promenade, etc.

THAT is beautiful ! Just what I want. and in that color

Alrighty then “Car Man”, what’s the color? Lava orange or something like that?

I have to admit, the color is growing on me. Perhaps I’m rich and didn’t know it!